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By Eben Brink

What an exciting month! October is here, as well as so many other exciting things. You might have seen that we announced something quite spectacular on social media last week – TalentETC officially opened a division in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. This division is under management by Justin Nanak from Society 5.0 and Fundi Zwane, South African actress. If you would like to be part of the KZN-division, make sure to contact the team at

BlitzVoice – a brand new platform that specifically focuses on voice-over artists, have launched as well. This is in partnership with Matt & Kristy Suttner – you might know them from their work in the Voice-Over world. For more information, visit


By Frankie Opperman​

It’s been a good start to spring after a chaotic winter. Things are picking up with every week that passes and signs are positive. Although not fully running as we know it, the industry is at least offering more work than 3 months ago. Although we have seen budgets at lower rates than normal, the hope is that more change will come at this closing stage of the year as channels and media platforms chase new content and various industries get back to business. Here’s a cheers to taking on the final three months of the year. May we all build bridges and new connections in the various avenues in the world of multimedia and entertainment.


We have a new and updated Social-ETC site!

We have recently updated the site for Social-ETC for a more refreshed and simple look and feel. We are excited for a new chapter coming to Social-ETC and ready to start working with new brands, upcoming brands and trusted brands.

If you would like to be part of Social-ETC, please send your enquiry to


By JC Snooke

The Talent Theatre celebrates October! Only here you can enjoy some of the best local performances from your home.

02 Oct @ 19:00 The Lybrinth Quintet

09 Oct @ 19:00 Once Upon A Virus

16 Oct @ 19:00 Sangoma Thuli

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for exciting announcements and more performances to come!


Amalia Uys
Conrad Rudolph
Dean Goldblum
Deborah Lettner
Dingalethu Maphithela
Geralt Cloete
Greg Kriek
Jenny Sicwebu
Kieran Wagner
Lwanda Mollo
Maeke Davids
Magdalene Minnaar
Mandi Baard
Marang Kasonkola
Marijke Bezuidenhout
Marni De Wet
Mary-Anne Wright
Melisa Sibaya
Neil Sharim
S’bo Ntshebe
Suzzi Swanepoel
Vian Singleton
Zahra Dada
Zander De Beer
Maritsa Maritz
JT Ferreira
Mené Meyer
Sims Phakisi
Johannes Schoutsen


By Precious Magoswana

Ungalahli’imbo yakho ngoPhoyiyana"

“Don't throw away your precious stone for a worthless thing”


By Jennis Williamson

Hi all

In September we launched our KwaZulu-Natal division in partnership with Society 5.0 and welcomed Fundi Zwane and Justin Nanak to the team.

For those who know me, would always hear the quote “A dream without a plan is a wish”. KZN was a dream, we work endlessly with the team in Durban to strategise, envision, do research and launch. We are excited for this partnership.

We have also launched a viral campaign in collaboration with the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture called #KindnessContagion.

The one thing we as South Africans can do is thrive during challenge. We have been bombarded with so much negativity on social media and we chose to spread positivity. May kindness go viral, and may kindness be contagious. We are excited for you to join the movement.

I am passionate about the industry, and about the Talent-ETC brand but above all grateful

I will forever look back at 2020 as the year we cemented relationships, when I became a first time dad, when I got to know my team exceptionally well, where I took more risks than ever, where I learned that the competition can be competitive (constructively), and at times cruel and vindictive. But, in the end, to smile.

Upward on Onward!



By Shalock Rass

"Take some time off everything and just look at yourself. That's where your growth and journey is built."

Shalock Rass

Featured Artists

Dingalethu Maphithela

Our star of the month is Dingalethu Maphithela! He just started his journey on the hit-shot “Erased” on MojaLove, channel 157 on Sundays.

For more information on Dingalethu, visit his profile on our website or check him out on social media:

Instagram: @dinga_maps
Twitter: @Dinga_Maps

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