LATEST NEWS by Jennis Williamson

The month of May will include Thulani’s first visit to Cape Town as senior agent to officially open our office there. We are excited for this endeavour knowing that what we have to offer was definitely worth the wait.

Then, after months of hard work, our films are finally hitting the screens, keep an eye on our social media platforms for release dates, trailers and behind the scenes information.

In the last two months we are proud to have completely adapted to a zero percent paper policy thus keeping everything online and so contributing daily to a better planet.

We have also cleaned our roster a bit and now looking for fresh, talented and unique faces. If interested, visit

CREW-ETC by Frankie Opperman

After a rainy April, we’re hoping for more sunshine across the board and also thinking of those still recovering. We’re holding thumbs for a strong winter period (in between all the load shedding) with a number of new projects on the horizon. On this end we’re busy revamping all our CV’s with a new and fresh updated look forward to our June update. 

As always, if you want to refer skilled freelancers or join Crew-Etc, please just pop us a mail at We’re always on the lookout for strong production staff to, as well as post production specialists to join the books. Let’s connect.

SOCIAL-ETC by Thulani Ndzotyana

We’re a month away from the halfway mark of 2022. We are excited to launch some fresh faces who have joined our Social ETC books.

We are also excited to share some campaigns our personalities are working on.

Our Social ETC division is for upcoming influencers and celebrity personalities. As we know this digital era is continuously exploding in using Social Media as it is a platform of advertisement. Brands want personalities to authentically curate relatable content for their products. Gone are the days for barter exchanges, many brands have a budget for influencers and marketers.

Allow us to ‘agent’ for your Social Influencer work by joining our Social ETC division. To join email

We look forward to getting Social with you!

VOICE-ETC by Kristy Suttner

April brought more than the cold weather and load shedding! It also brought our artists firing on all cylinders! This month has been a crazy cocktail of corporate bookings, animation recordings and lots of lots of castings, which is always very exciting.

This month our voice of the month is none other than Monde Msutwana. That golden voice belongs on a mic, and we are so happy that Shoprite agrees – as he is now the official voice of all their in-store advertising, training and catalogues. Well done Monde, and keep up the good work.

Remember,if you’re interested in becoming a voice artist, first things first! Do your research at to see what is required. Once you have done that you can drop me an email – to plot a way forward.

Vernac lesson for the month

by Precious Magoswana

“Ukuqinisa imihlathi” – to tighten your gums.

This idiom is used indicate perseverance, “Ukunyamezela”

KZN By Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

A big congratulations to our star Wade Cowan who started airing in April on ETV’s Imbewu to a resounding reception. We are so excited about what’s unfolding for our artists this season. Last month saw our JHB Head of Department and Senior Artist agent, Precious, come down to Durban for 1 on 1 work with our KZN talent and it was a great time of strategic planning for each individual artist. We were also treated to the Season 5 Launch of Imbewu along with our talent on the show. We are wishing all families and arts practitioners a safe recovery from the floods that have deeply impacted our province and operations within it. We ask all our talent on various Productions to please keep safe as you travel to and from work and keep us updated. We also have something lined up for Voice Artists in the industry and we ask you to keep your eyes glued to our socials for more info

LIFE-ETC by JC Snooke

With hard work and dedication our first of 4 kykNET “Storiefilms” – SNUF IN DIE NEUS is launching on the 30th of April 2022 on kykNET. It’s in Afrikaans, but subtitled.

Crew and cast are important to make a film work, and on this one we got it right. With three of the five actors from Talent ETC and 99% from Crew ETC we made our long-term dream to have a 1 stop “shop” a reality.


Reinier Mostert was once South Africa’s most renowned detective along with Willem Groenewald, his trusty sidekick. Now though, they try to solve trivial mysteries around the retirement home – Reiner can’t let go of his illustrious career.

But when someone dies after solving his latest case, Reinier starts to suspect foul play, even though the nurses rule it to be of natural causes. As he follows the string of clues, he uncovers a hidden love triangle between the victim and the subjects of that previous case! One night, Reinier goes in search of more clues but instead finds something he was not expecting…

Quote of the month

by Zoku Mgoduka

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

~ Desmond Tutu