MAY 2020

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By Eben Brink

Self-tapes are the new way to go! As we went into lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic, every casting director has turned to self-tapes as the new way to audition. This process is making everything a lot easier for both the actor and casting director, as well as quicker. It saves quite some time and money, especially in these tough times.

But as everything in life, there are also a few rules to follow when recording your audition. So always remember to keep the techniques in mind when filming.

Being in lockdown we have learned the process of doing everything online, and there we at Talent-ETC will be hosting a few online master classes in May.

Be sure to check out our social media platforms for all of the information.

#Partnership – We are excited to announce our new partnership with Trend Tribe, SA’s ‘trendiest’ affiliate marketing programme for influencers and brands. Not only is their passion contagious, there is truly magic when companies with the same core values align. Keep an eye on our social media pages.


By Frankie Opperman​

Hanging in there

What a time it’s been indeed. Covid-19 has taken away our normal way of life and it’s been replaced with an uncertain future to the likes of which we as a human race have not seen. Now as we all well know, the life of a freelancer is pretty much always rather uncertain, but this is on a next level and the biggest concern is that no one has the answers. When will we work again? Which productions can film again? When can the world travel again? We are all waiting with bated breaths.

You don’t need me to tell you that Crew-Etc has been immensely affected by the pandemic, but who hasn’t? Although there have been a couple of editors in post, it’s frankly been terrible.

The only thing to do now is to think out of the box as much as one can and try and be pro-active if at all possible, which is much easier said than done. Not every person is an entrepreneur at heart, has secret ninja skills or can create magic out of thin air. So if you can’t, you can;t, BUT try your best to just hang in there. It’s vital to keep up your mental and physical health. Reach out to family or friends if you need to and if you can. There are many people who want to help and they might just have something to offer or even just an emotional connection of some sorts if that’s what you need.

This will end and hopefully the industry will experience a mini boom and a demand for fresh local content. We’re going to hit the ground running as soon as this thing lifts.. Just make sure you’ve got your running shoes on.. It’s going to be one hell of a race.


By Kyle Clark

Our online industry is flooded with content creators and normal consumers on a rampage to over flood us with content and a weird narrative that we all need to either believe or not believe. Choosing to self improve over choosing to take time to relax is the decision that everyone online is borderline trying to control on social media.

I believe that in this time of uncertainty its important to believe how you feel, its important to feel good about yourself by doing what you think will make you feel good. Even though we are constantly clouded by how ‘’ exciting ‘’ most peoples lives look during this lockdown. Remember they are too be looked at as beacons of hope for your everyday choices and not to be frowned upon.

The industry is also over crowded at the moment with so much content being pumped out that we are currently being left with no direction of where to go next.


By JC Snooke

As the entire globe is holding its breath to see if there would be more extensions on the lockdowns in their respective countries, interesting, and creative things are happening in the entertainment world.

Creative briefs changed overnight from lavish ideas, to smaller ideas with bigger impact. Smaller crews are used to execute projects and stock footage sales are at an all-time high as people are now forced to be more creative.

Great example of this change can be seen on Tens of thousands of artists all across the world have come together to support the United Nations and WHO’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

May this boost in creativity take us back to the root of entertainment, to make people feel better about themselves again.


Albert Maritz
Andre Velts
Bax Mfidi
Candice Modiselle
Connell Cruise
Diolan Govender
Eden Classens
Eljerel Naidoo
Herman Vorster
Ian Strauss
Jason Greer
Keyuri Naidoo
Khantse Serobe
Lechelle Lerm
Lian Van Der Westhuizen
Louw Breytenbach
Lyle Edwards
Melinda Bam
Melinda Brink

Michelle Ayden
Mona Skenjana
Mpho Masiu
Puseletso Lekgua
Reine Swart
Rikki Brest
Simone Pretorius
Stefan Vermaak
Tshepiso Jeme
Christiaan Scheepers
Piet Snyman
Yolande Mostert
Corné Crous
Marius Gerryts
Cremer Van’Dango
Megan Parker
Max Mabota
Divan de Villiers


By Precious Magoswana

"Inkungu ilala kwiintaba ngeentaba"

Fog lies on different mountains. - Xhosa


By Jennis Williamson

Hi all

Hopefully by the time you read this we will be back in the offices and our artists are returning to an idea of normal.

Normal…not a word we will know for a very long time, but we will be working together to find a “new normal”

To work from home takes more discipline than you think, to manage and communicate with staff over all forms of technology is frustrating. To fill in one more form to make sure the company survives Covid-19 is unnerving, to cry one more tear over actors that are struggling is gut-wrenching, but still, to walk out of this and know we are healthy and alive, makes this journey a little bit better.

I am proud that my team was so extremely pro-active during lockdown, we launched a campaign, we showcased our talent during lockdown, our artists shared messaged of hope, we created new partnerships, we reworked our strategy on a weekly basis, we kept standing up although we wanted just crawl up into a tight spot.

In a heartbeat my list of ‘important things’ changes to basic necessities, less is more. At then end, I am stronger than ever, we are stronger than ever, but above all, we are #StrongerTogether.

I am excited for the rest of 2020.

Love, light an blessings


By Shalock Rass

“Are you working hard to lead, be placed or a replacement? Which road does your everyday life lead you?”

Shalock Rass

Featured Artist

Deanre Reiners

Deanre Reiners just joined the cast of 7de Laan! He will be portraying the character of Shawn Basson and will be playing alongside fellow ETC-actors, Dirk Stoltz and Danielle Retief. 

His character, Shawn, is considered a fun-loving and respectful gentleman and he has always shared a special bond with his dad. But something happened on one faithful night that caused his father to disown him to the point that he considered his son dead. 

Watch 7de Laan every weekday at 18:00 to see what Deanre, Dirk and Danielle is up to in Hillside. 


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