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By Eben Brink

March is here!

With Human Rights’ Day approaching on the 21st of March, we are excited for a lot more exciting things to happen. Firstly, a big thanks you to everyone who attended our first workshop of 2020. It was a huge success and we would like to extend our gratitude towards Karin Retief at 7de Laan again for being open to share her knowledge.

Are you ready for the second workshop though?

On the 21st of March we will be hosting a workshop with the one and only Kgomotso Ditshwene from Rhythm City that will teach everyone on how to properly prepare for an audition.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to to book your spot.

Another exciting announcement, Thulani Ndzotyana just joined our team! Not only does Thulani have previous experience as an artist booker, she is also a businesswomen and entrepreneur taking empowerment, beauty and fashion to the next level. Welcome Thulani! We are excited to work alongside you and we know that we will reach even higher milestones as Talent-ETC with your motivation and input.

Thulani Ndzotyana


By Frankie Opperman​

We’ve hit the ground running this year and February has been a decent month by the yearly standards of a quiet January and February.

As we move into March there is a lot of excitement building. Freelancers on a number of reality shows and drama series, as well as a lot of post-production gigs happening. We’re also busy expanding with more Cape Town based freelancers, especially in the production space, which seems to be the most booming position of all.

A real exciting venture this month has been the first big project for our Intimacy Coordinators Sara Blecher and Kate Lush. They’ve been working on a new ground breaking telenovela produced by Clive Morris Productions that will be featuring a lot of intimate scenes. Seeing Sara and Kate working tirelessly towards making this first production a success has been fantastic to watch and hopefully more productions starting opting to use people of their skill level for these generally difficult scenes. It’s so much more than just being there on the day and helping actors block a sex scene, as it stretches from being involved in pre-production, checking over contracts and working with the whole crew, creating an awareness safe space for performances to flourish whilst everyone is sufficiently protected.

AFDA is also jumping on board as we facilitate workshops at their various campuses across South Africa, bringing the next generation up to speed on this new role in this industry and also making them aware of their rights on set.

All I can say is, bring on March!

Sara Blecher
Kate Lush


By Kyle Clark

The next couple of months are going to be exciting for this department as we go to war to fight the stereotypes around influencer marketing and start to break the barrier around what our worth is as influencers online. We are currently working on finalizing the short course which will play a huge role in you taking your brand to where it needs to be and also focusing on making the first social media workshop an extremely successful one. The next couple of months are going to be prosperous but also a great challenge. You as an artist and online star can also start to break the barriers by knowing your worth and making sure you’re not exploited online. Email us at for any direction, advice or interest regarding workshops and online courses.


By JC Snooke

What is TikTok? For those who does not know what I’m talking about- TikTok is a new app for making and sharing short videos.
Video creators have all sorts of tools at their disposal. The same way the stories and filters originated on Snapchat, this app also gives the ability to search for sounds and music to add to your video. Users are also strongly encouraged to engage with other users, through “response” videos or by means of “duets/colabs” — users can duplicate videos and add themselves alongside.

Why would a production company even talk about something like this? Well, if you have an exact look at what content are created on this app with just a camera from a cellphone, it makes me excited to see what the future holds for the film and television industry.

From a personal point of view, I get inspired by seeing all of the creative content from people all over the world. This opens my mind to new possibilities of how to create content, different ways of editing videos and what you can achieve in short videos ranging from 15 to 30 seconds. Most of the time, these kids and sometimes even adults, will post things that would blow your mind.

There is no need to post content regularly, like on Instagram or Snapchat. But create a free account and start participating in the fun that is TikTok. You can thank us later by downloading the app to see why I am so excited, or maybe just ignore our suggestion.


Adri Britz
Alayhe Trentini
Amor Vittone
Anlia Van Rensburg
Annelissa Ndlovu
Arlin Bantam
Arno Greeff
Aubrey Mogale
Chidera Nwoha
Danalia Borman
Danielle Goodall
Dirk Joubert
Donovan Borne
Eben Groenewald
Fanele Nthuli
Jaco Smit
JC Snooke
Marike Erwee Du Rand
Maurice Ncedani
Motso Ratsie
Nadia Valvekens
Nicole Nemukula
Philip Nolte
Portia Seisa
Renaldo Schwarp
Rico Immelman
Sean Brebnor
Shaun Murphy
Simone Human
Smangele Phewa
Suzanne Rentzke
Thabang Kwebu
Thembeka Mnguni
Zijn-Rudolph Van Zyl
Rofhiwa Dzwuguda
Matthew Gardner
Valen’tino Mathibela
Eve Lunga
Tamara Ncala
Michelle Oppenshaw
Thulani Ndzotyana
Melissa Charnley
Phiona Khozo


By Precious Magoswana

"iThemba Liyaphilisa"
Hope Results In Life.


By Jennis Williamson

February was the month of love, and also my first month back full time at the agency in capacity of Managing Director, Producer and Agent. I can honestly say, as a team we have never laughed, yet worked so hard, and that is evident in the growth of every single division at ETC from the agency, Crew-ETC, Social-ETC to Life-Etc.

Last year’s reshuffle and rebranding was worth every single cent and one year later I can proudly confess how extremely proud I am of my team, how extremely proud I am of the camaraderie we have as a collective, and especially how proud I am of our represented actors, crew members and influencers, breaking boundaries every day.

I have completely fallen in love with the ETC brand and our team.

Yes, as always, with every system firmly in place, there is much more to come, we have cemented our goals and visions for 2020, we are welcoming new team members today to provide an even better service to our artists and clients.

With new connections in Los Angeles and the UK, and even welcoming a celebrated Hollywood actor to our agency shortly, it proves that when you focus on goals as a team, anything is possible.

During March our country will also be celebrating Human Rights Day and we will celebrate the rights we have as South Africans, and the freedom we have to grow.

Happy March!

Love and Light, Jennis


By Shalock Rass

"Your actions are expressions of your priorities."

Shalock Rass

Featured Artist


The talented Danielle Retief just joined the cast of 7de Laan! She will be portraying the role of Nikki Basson. Her character is born to a life of privilege, and has travelled the world, but with that its own challenges. She will be playing alongside fellow ETC-artist, Dirk Stoltz who plays her father in 7de Laan. 

Danielle grew up in the entertainment industry and from an early age she has gotten a stern grip on the hard work required to navigate the industry. Danielle is very excited to be apart of such an impactful show on South African television. 

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