LATEST NEWS by Jennis Williamson

Although we always brag about our talented artists, lets focus on some of our team members this month;

  • Thulani is currently in the TOP 30 of Miss SA and we fully support her journey. Make sure to show your support.
  • Zoku is leaving the Talent agency family to move over to crew at CREW-Etc. We are excited for her journey ahead as crew member, and even more excited to have her on set during production.
  • As part of our intern development program, we welcomed Thabo to the family and we loved him learning from the team. We are sure our paths will grow in the future, and wish him only success.
  • Precious will soon be seen as a host for a new online project…watch this space.
  • Kristy also started shooting as a new character on Etv’s prime time soap, SCANDAL.
  • Frankie just returned from directing a travel documentary, and have a few directing projects coming up, locally and internationally.
  • Our KZN team, Fundi & Justin will be rolling out a phenomenal new training program for out KZN signed artists once again showing that our role as agents should at all times also include development.
  • Apart from that, we are excited to announce some massive new projects starting soon which prove that our module ‘to create more work for our signed artists and crew members’ is a recipe that works.

CREW-ETC by Frankie Opperman

We’re almost halfway through the year and what ride it’s been. Over this winter things are heating up at Crew-Etc with productions coming in thick and fast. Keep your eyes peeled for credits across various channels and platforms featuring our talented freelancers. 

As always, if you want to refer skilled freelancers or join Crew-Etc, please just pop us a mail at

We’re always on the lookout for talented and hungry freelancers looking to branch out their contact networks. Let’s connect.   


SOCIAL-ETC by Thulani Ndzotyana

Dealing with Social Media Trolls.

As Talent-ETC™ we always shed light and knowledge about the ever evolving Social Media Trends. We always focus on the upliftment of our artists brands as we know how powerful Social Media can be. This is why we spend time during our artists strat meetings holistically discussing their brands and evaluating their digital footprint.

On the Freedom day, I hosted a workshop which included a phenomenal speaker who equipped us with tools on how to deal with cyber bullying and bullying in general. After recently experiencing cyberbullying myself, I thought to share some insights on how to deal with cyber bullying, I am not an expert so I am merely sharing what has worked for me.

When you are in the public eye, bullies will tend to bring you down by firstly putting out a narrative. They will then tag all brands associated with you sometimes including your place of work, sponsorships and endorsements.

When this happens, be still and switch off your social media (completely disconnect). When you do not disconnect the negative comments will feel louder than the positive ones, naturally our instincts tend to focus on the bad.

Disconnect and prioritise your mental well-being, do not engage the bullies as this will only give them ammunition.

Remember when the time is right, if need be you truth will find its way, the time is not when the bullying happens.

In our work space we often use the phrase “block and bless” which means block the bullies and be at peace in your heart. Hence the saying block and bless.

If given the attention Social Media Trolls can have power over you. Their negative words can sting you, although untrue. That is why you need to make sure that before you return or choose to continue. Your mental wellbeing is truly at peace.

Lastly do not be afraid to reach out to us as your management, or to people who are your community to share your feelings regarding the matter. Your entire career is in the public eye however, the public’s perception shouldn’t be what you focus on, being true to yourself as brand should always be at the centre of all you do.

VOICE-ETC by Kristy Suttner

Rain or shine, load shedding or power, cold or even colder, our voice artists have been here for it this month.

Voice-Etc has been busy with our usual corporate bookings this month along with an extremely exciting connection with Walt Disney and Marvel Studios in LA. Many of our artists have caught their attention and are in various stages of casting for some awesome international series – exciting times indeed!

Our voice of the month this month is the awesome Mel Sibaya, who recorded a large job for the UN this month. Mel continues to wow clients with her velvet voice and one take wonder tendencies! Well done Mel!

Remember,if you’re interested in becoming a voice artist, first things first! Do your research at to see what is required. Once you have done that you can drop me an email: to plot a way forward.

Vernac lesson for the month

by Precious Magoswana

“iThemba Liyaphilisa”

Hope Results In Life.

KZN By Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

Post the KZN flood aftermath, which affected many of us in the province, things are slowly and certainly getting back to normal.

We are most proud of the resilience and spirit of ubuntu displayed during this time in our Zulu kingdom.

A big well done to all our Talent!! We have a few wrapping up on various productions and some magic to look forward to in the near future.

We are also excited to announce a calendar of activities coming up in KZN and these are a few to note.:
June – KZN Actors workshop
Coming Soon – KZN Voice Workshop
Coming Later – KZN Scout Session

If you believe in someone who shows exceptional acting talent we would love to see them at the scout session!
Please do keep your eyes peeled to our social media as info will be coming through soon!

Love and Light…
Justin & Fundi

LIFE-ETC by JC Snooke

Following the success of kykNET’s story films 2018 and 2022, kykNET (DStv channel 144) has good news for viewers – from mid-December, new TV films will be broadcast as part of kykNET’s Story Films project. The kykNET Story Films are brand new TV films of 90 minutes each starting on 2023 on kykNET (DStv channel 144). These TV movies are all produced locally and bring some of the country’s best actors in various cast to the screens. Life-ETC™ made 4 x 50 min films so far in 2022; ’n Snuf in die neus, Miss Delivery, Vlamme and Wegbreek and currently in pre-production with 4 new full feature films (90min) also under the Storiefilms category. We’ll keep you posted on the reveal of the new films soon, and then of course…casting!

Quote of the month

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.”

― Criss Jami