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By Jennis Williamson

There has been a shift in the industry, I feel those who worked on their craft at homes during lock down in 2020 are now reaping the benefits. We have consistently been growing, hitting targets, tightening admin procedures and recently appointed the lovely Zoku Mgoduka to assist with our admin and the implementation of new innovative cross over admin system to kick in shortly.

We have also welcomed some amazing established artists to the agency that benefits each division, and in essence understand the value of being an allrounder. In this breathe we welcome Quentin Krog to Talent-ETC. Quentin is an esteemed and award-winning actor, director, writer and voice over artist. We are thrilled to have you on board.

Our voice division have had record breaking bookings in its first 2 months lead by an extremely effective and passionate Kristy Suttner.

In June we will be hosting an incredible 2-day workshop in Durban and excited to meet clients and artists in KZN. Watch our social media for more information.

Frankie is back from directing an incredible show in Namibia and our crew division is no longer a novelty for clients, it has become a necessity. His passion for each crew member is contagious.

We are also in production with 2 new productions that kicked off at end May, and we are hallway through our commissioned writing contract for a brand-new sitcom under the guidance of our head writer and former Managing Director, Rojean Serek, currently working from the UK.

“A dream without a plan is a wish”, so we don’t dream…we plan, and execute!


by Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

Our artists have been involved in some exciting projects. The briefs have been coming in with some being asked to audition for an upcoming short film based in KZN.

We have also heard the call from artists in KZN for a Workshop and we have exciting news to share. We will be hosting our very own Talent ETC KZN Workshop on the 26 June 2021, in Durban. You can purchase your ticket now at R550 for the session. Email to book your spot now. Space is limited.

We also want to congratulate the artists who have landed work and encourage you all to please stay safe on set by adhering to all Covid 19 protocols.


By Frankie Opperman​

Winter is finally here. This month we hope to light things up and turn on the heat with our selection of fantastic freelancers ready for action. We are growing even further with a some exciting names joining the books in June and we look forward to sharing the good news later on.

The Crew division has so far had a very fruitful and busy 2021 and we are thankful to all production houses that we continue to work with and new ones that we form relationships with. May the year continue to pick as speed all the way to 2022.

Stay warm, stay safe and together, let’s make cinematic magic.


By Kristy Suttner

This month has been jam packed with studio visits, post-production and lots of training! We are super excited to be loading 16 new artists onto the page this month, with at least 10 more in the new future. The page is working well and is fantastic to use!

We had a great session on Vocal Health on the Facebook Closed Group reminding us of the importance keeping in touch with our most important tools – our bodies and our voices. It was great to interact with some of our voice community and I look forward to hearing from any of you who are keen to get involved. Drop me a mail!


By JC Snooke

Filmarket Hub’s marketplace is an international catalogue showcasing the best Film & TV projects in development to producers, TV executives, financiers, sales agents and distributors. Only curated projects whose quality has been validated can join. There are three ways to receive an invitation to join.

Hire the Script Analysis service to validate the quality of your script. If you obtain a Score higher than 8 out of 10 you will receive an Excellent Script certification and an invitation to join the marketplace.

Filmarket Hub regularly launches calls for projects to participate at pitch events and in screenwriting contests. The selected projects at these initiatives are invited to join the marketplace.

Filmarket Hub has a large international network of industry partners: festivals, markets, script labs, etc. If your project is selected by one of them, you will be invited to join the marketplace. Check the full list of industry partners.

Head to to find your place


By Precious Magoswana

nkungu ilala kwiintaba ngeentaba, namhlanje ndim, ngomso nguwe.
The wheel goes round and round, it won’t always be good times, the same way it won’t always be bad times


By Jennis Williamson

April was such an inspiring month and our closed online sessions included topics such as Serving the Industry, Dealing with perfectionism, Vocal Health and Preventing Burnout.

My motto has always been that our actors, and the brands they represent as individual businesses, are more important than the politics of the industry. By seeing each one for the amazing artists they are, not only instils joy, but it also daily reminds me to forget about industry nonsense.

I choose daily to serve this industry and the beauty it holds with the realisation that I can learn something new every day.

When you work with Talent-ETC, you work with passionate agents and artists that are here to serve the industry, the benefits and curveballs thereof are only noise.

Love and light


By Shalock Rass

You can't change what happened then, it still happens now. Let's learn from the ones before us/the veterans/Our Elders to grow through it all.

Shalock Rass