JUNE 2020

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By Eben Brink

We are halfway through 2020 and we still have some amazing projects lined up! Our first round of master classes was a huge success and we have decided to continue with sharing learning experiences across online platforms.

Our first class in June will be with actress and presenter, Refilwe Modiselle. She will share her tips and tricks on how to become an exceptional television presenter. If you want to learn from anyone in the entertainment industry, let us know who you want to see next on your screen by sending an e-mail to

Another amazing project we are busy with is called “The Talent Theatre”, but you can read more about that in the column for Life-ETC.

As we enter Lockdown Level 3, let’s all stay safe, positive and passionate about our industry.


By Frankie Opperman​

The only way is up.

What a crazy few months these have been. I’m sure everyone is feeling quite gatvol. It seems though, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There have been a number of positive signs of movement in the last few weeks. The soaps and telenovelas are back to work, although in completely new surroundings.

On our side, post work has started picking up and it also seems like a number of new productions are gearing up to start filming. Still not a lot of “big” dramas or films, as production houses eye the horizons.

We must now learn to work within the perimeters that have been given to us and keep our minds positive. There might be much less work, but at least the media industry is slowly getting back up on its feet. It’s more than a lot of other industries can say. Stay focused and be vigilant. We must not let our guard down.


The use of social media has changed completely over the last couple of months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Artists needed to make use of their online platforms to generate an income by doing shows online, presenting online classes and more. Influencers have also been gaining a lot from this new way of social media use. Products and brands now only use influencers to boost their online sales and to promote their brand.

Recently we partnered up with Law For All and some of our influencers like Nadia Beukes, Candice Modiselle, Kyle Clark and Tsholo Phiri was involved. If you would like to get involved with Social-ETC, contact us at for more info.


By JC Snooke


Due to the restrictions and prohibition of social gatherings, and even with the lockdown lifted, consumers will be hesitant to attend big gatherings, however, we will make this work.


By hosting a online “Talent show” every week on a new platform called: “The Talent Theatre Presents”

This show will be hosted by a different presenter every week with three performers in every show within the same category.

What makes this different to any other “Talent shows”? It’s about showcasing your Talent & Entertainment.

  • This is not a competition! No judges, No leader board, no elimination!
  • This is where any type of performer can showcase what they have to offer to the world
  • Rappers
  • Dancers
  • Acoustic singers
  • Presenters
  • Poetry writers & Readers
  • Voice Over artists can tell stories to kids from a
    book, with animated “Voices”
  • One man / women shows
  • Kids entertainment shows

For a low rate ticket consumers can watch the talent that is on show that day.In the older days people worked on a door deal to bring in profit as a performer – we are kind of going the same route by splitting the ticket sales. The consumer can buy a ticket and get access to an online platform and watch the show from home with 3 performers that showcase a specific theme IE: Singers, Dancers etc.
What makes this unique is that the performer, production company and presenter must market their show to get sales as this is how they would receive their share.

If everything goes accordingly, The Talent Theatre will be launched in July 2020.

If you want to get involved or take part in this, contact me at


Alice Ndahimana
Celine Tshika
Emanuel Gweva
Jako Meyer
Jana Strydom
Joshua Noguiera
Kesia Jeftha
Loide Nantinda
Marilise Van Wyk

Natasha Tarryn
Ruanco Ueckermann
Salamina Mosese
Sarah Kingsburgh
Sika Osei
Tina Redman
Tsholo Phiri
Versha Magan
Zander Von Gordon

Zonika De Vries
Stephan Marais
Ivyann Moreira-Schofield
Simone Landey
PJ Kotze
Wilma Botha
Eben Brink
Frankie Opperman


By Precious Magoswana

"Ivili lijikeleza, akuhlali kukubi ngamanxesha onke"

The wheel is constantly turning. A bad situation does not remain a bad situation. -Xhosa


By Jennis Williamson

Hi all

Trust you are well, and safe.

It is semi-ridiculous to think that it is June 2020 already.

With some of our actors and crew members back on set, insane safety regulations not to mention an emotionally tired South Africa, change is definitely in the air. One of my favourite quotes is IMPROVISE, ADAPT and overcome. This quote has had more meaning in the last couple of weeks than ever. We are choosing to overcome.

Covid-19 will from now on always be part of our vocabulary, but we have the power to remove it’s sting when it comes to our own personal lives and career.

We are excited for the new clients that joined our team during the lockdown, we are excited to introduce some new established faces to our books, we are excited to see our younger divisions grow at the speed of light, but above all I am proud of you, our talented artists, and our clients for keeping positive.

Sending you love and light


By Shalock Rass

"They care so much about your struggle, but yet so silent when you succeed. In your boat, they're not rolling but drilling holes. Be careful with who you call friends."

Shalock Rass

Featured Artist

Zoricke Snyman

We want to congratulate Zoricke on her first television role. She will be portraying the role of Hilda in kykNET’s, Binnelanders.

She was previously seen on reality show, Drama Mammas, on Via. She is also known for her theatre roles in productions such as Vir Ander, Stil and As.

For more information on Zoricke, visit our website.

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