LATEST NEWS by Jennis Williamson

As part of our social and corporate responsibility, we will be rolling out The Ladybird Bursary Fund Talent-Etc™ initiative with Roosevelt Extension Nursery School (RENS) to fund a quality pre-school / kindergarten experience for young children from disadvantaged circumstances who nevertheless deserve a solid start to their education and developmental progress.

The fund relies on donations, and we call on corporates and individuals to make a difference in a young child’s life.

To donate, big or small click on the link below

CREW-ETC by Frankie Opperman

We’re deep into this cold winter and we’re keeping warm by staying busy on our end. There have been several epic productions this month for which we have facilitated crew. Whether its narrative, reality, commercials or studio, our freelancers are ready to jump your productions. Just get in touch with me or Tania.

Stay tuned to our social pages for exciting news on productions featuring our talented line up of freelancers. As always, if you have anyone to recommend joining the line-up, please do send an email to 

SOCIAL-ETC by Thulani Ndzotyana

Social Media is a place where our brands can become businesses. If you have an audience and great content you can actively work on social media, as a brand.

We all easily gravitate towards a certain social media app. As I wrote that I am sure your mind went to one. I love Instagram, usually. I’ve always felt it’s an easy app I can keep up with and it is generally positive.

Other people like TikTok whilst others might prefer Facebook or Twitter. I’m here to ask if you’re as consistent on your favourite app as your least favourite app.

It is important to reach different audiences on all your apps. Fortunately, we have insights that gather our engagement. Therefore, utilise your insights but remember to rue consistent on all your apps.

Curate content for the different apps, using the correct frame sizing and jump on the correct trends on that app to grow your audience.

Don’t be afraid to do something outside your comfort zone, like creating a reel or TikTok video you wouldn’t usually do.

Social Media has the power to open doors for you, treat your brand like a business.

VOICE-ETC by Kristy Suttner

This month brought bookings, self-tapes, and lots of exciting opportunities! Our voice artists have been keeping warm by keeping on the go and keeping their talents sharp. Lots of training happening with our newer artists, as well as 5 new artists loading this month. Watch this space!

Our voice of the month this month is the inimitable Nadia Beukes. We love your smooth tones and your friendly nature! Nadia has been keeping busy with some kykNET work this month. Go Nadia go!

Remember, if you’re interested in becoming a voice artist, first things first! Do your research at to see what is required. Once you have done that you can drop me an email: to plot a way forward

CPT-ETC by Thulani Ndzotyana

Our Cape Town Travels were a reminder of the power that becomes a reality when women are united. As we are broadening our horizons and are signing new artists in Cape Town, we met with the women who run Cape Town, the women of SAPAMA.

Our meeting was a reminder that as agents we all want the same thing, we want our industry and artists to thrive.

We’d like to thank the ladies for a phenomenal meeting, and we are excited for what is to come with our Cape Town division.

If you are in Cape Town and are talented artist, we are looking for you!

Email to join the TALENT-ETC™ family.

KZN By Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

There is so much excitement this month as we look forward to the many artists from across the the country that come through to our province for event season, which in turn creates a meaningful economic pocket for our local businesses. We look forward to all the meet & greets, the catch ups and enjoying the celebrations together. This month kicks off with the Hollywood Bets Durban July and leads to our KZN Actors workshop and ends with the Durban International Film Festival.

We want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all Artists on the many initiatives that you were involved in over Youth Month.
Here’s to July 2022.

Love and Light…

LIFE-ETC by JC Snooke

On the 6th of August at 8 pm you can see our very own Jennis Williamson debuting with his 1st directing gig for scripted content in the film Miss Delivery.
Overzealous Ansu always gives 2000 percent in everything she attempts. When she notices the attractive Karel on his bicycle one afternoon after school, there is no stopping her, Ansu starts cycling! To fund her cycling mission, Ansu delivers food, a la Miss Delivery. Karel however always remains one step ahead of her. When Ansu delivers a food delivery to a customer a year later, the wheel makes an unexpected turn.

Featuring TETC newcomers Alicia Badenhorst & Dihan Keun

Get ready to laugh your butt off on kykNET and keep an eye on our social media for the official trailer and behind the scenes info.

Quote of the month

“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

― Abraham Lincoln