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By Jennis Williamson

Our Youth Day campaign on 16 June 2021 was such a huge success and the response to our new leads of the future has been incredible. We are excited about our next campaign as we will always find new and innovative ways to promote our talent in all departments.

We have just delivered our final episode of our 13-episode commissioned writing contract with our head writer and team member Rojean Serek in the UK. We have some exciting news in the upcoming months and I’m excited to put on my casting hat again for a great new project.

We were also honoured to partner with WQMD’s #Winter Drive and to see the difference they made in people’s lives. Shout out to Thiart Li for this initiative…may this be the first of many.

More than halfway through the year, no time to slow down now, let’s do this.


by Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

Durban is a buzz with Durban July excitement, an iconic event in Durban social culture as it is where Art, Business, Sport, and entertainment get to mix from all corners of SA. The escalating Covid numbers is set to affect how the Durban July will roll out this year and as TALENT ETC we will be part of the mixture as we expand our network and presence as we usually partner with key designers who form part of the fabric of KZN.

Due to the escalating Covid numbers and the safety of attendees we have decided to rather postpone our KZN workshop which will now be held in September 2021. Those interested will still be able to purchase the tickets to reserve their spot for then and we look forward to hosting a safe, fun, and informative workshop.



By Frankie Opperman​

Halfway into the year and winter is in full swing. It’s been a comeback year so far for the industry after the 2020 mess.

This month I’d like to showcase a project we’ve been involved in together with the teams from Safe Sets and Phlogiston.

Easy Training is an online based training program focusing on educating employees through a visual and stimulating medium. The launch module focuses on educating people on the very real and current issue of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Hopefully this can be another small step on the road to eradicating this scourge that is crippling our country. It’s been a long road, but we’re very proud to be a part of this positive project.

For more info, go to –


By Kristy Suttner

June is nearly over and thank goodness because it’s freezing! With our voice artists ducking and diving the Third Wave, we have managed to keep busy this month with lots of bookings as well as a massive audition for a series of Audio Books. This was a huge challenge for many of us who have not worked much in that space before, but we are super proud of our team who submitted great audition tapes. We love a challenge!

We also have some great new signed voice over artists who we are very excited to work with.

Many aspiring voice artists I speak to on a weekly basis have not yet looked at our brand-new Voice Page! If you’re already on our books and want to join the Voice Division, step one is to go and look at the Voice Tab on our website. Listen through the delivery styles, languages, and accents, and see what you think you might be able to do. After that, drop me an email and we’ll take it from there.

Until next month!


By JC Snooke

As per IPO newsletter

The South African Cultural Observatory (SACO) has been commissioned to study the impacts of the COVID-19 lockdowns on the cultural and creative industries in South Africa. If you represent a firm (employers), or are an individual freelancer who works in any part of the cultural or creative sector, be it formally or informally, please consider completing a short (10 minute) survey:

The survey is voluntary and anonymous – none of the information you provide can be linked to you or your firm.

Results will be posted on the SA Cultural Observatory website where you can also find previous research, sign up for the newsletter, and get information about upcoming seminars and events.


By Precious Magoswana

“intaka yakha ngoboya benye”

A bird builds its nest with the feathers of another,
meaning people help one another.


By Jennis Williamson

Hi all

I used to call June month the “June Depression” as things usually slow down a bit…I was wrong indeed!

So grateful for the many TETC faces I see daily on screen and respect the hard work everyone is putting in despite all the current 3rd wave challenges again.

Not only will things be fine again, if we actively apply what we have learned, we will all continue to thrive.

We have also hosted our 100th live session with our artists and can’t wait to start hosting public sessions as well

Love and light


By Shalock Rass

Unless you have something that drives you to keep doing what you do, you can have the perfect opportunity, but still do nothing with it.

Shalock Rass