JULY 2020

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By Eben Brink

We are very excited to officially launch “The Talent Theatre” – an industry initiative to create work and content for our South African performers. This provides an opportunity not only for performers and actors, but only crewmembers and presenters.

Like and follow @thetalenttheatrepresents for all the information and exciting news!

The industry is starting to pick up after Stage 5 Lockdown. Castings still mainly focus on self-tapes and Zoom-sessions for auditions, but we are hoping that our actors can do in-house auditions for casting directors soon. For tips on recording the perfect self-tape, I’ve found an article online for more information:

On the 18th of July South Africa will be celebrating the birthday of the late Nelson Mandela. How will you be spending your 67 minutes to give back to the community?


By Frankie Opperman​

As we head into July, we look to the future with hopeful eyes. June has been tough on most people, but at least systems have started switching on again. Post production work has been a saving grace for some, as well as the ability to work in a multitude of different skillsets. Adapting and upskilling yourself to take on new challenges has never been more important.

At Crew-Etc we’ve now introduced a medical protocol officer role for on-site visits based on what the need out there is. There have been a number of incidents on various shoots which just goes to show how easily a production can be halted. Extreme care should be taken in and around the workspace, as well as in your own capacity. One lapse of judgement can land your entire production and countless co-workers in hot soup.

The industry is far from operating at optimum capacity, but we are ready to jump and help wherever needed. Please stay safe out there.


We have a new and updated Social-ETC site! 

We have recently updated the site for Social-ETC for a more refreshed and simple look and feel. We are excited for a new chapter coming to Social-ETC and ready to start working with new brands, upcoming brands and trusted brands. 

If you would like to be part of Social-ETC, please send your enquiry to


By JC Snooke

We are thankful that various exciting brands agreed to be part of this project. It truly is an initiative that would help and back the entertainment industry. It’s unique in its own way and we know it will work.

We will be filming once a month for the next 4 months, of which there would be 4 performances per day. The first set of 4 performers on the will be filmed on the 16th of July. 

We can’t give away too much yet, however the lineup for the launch month (August 2020) will be coming for you from all angles. Laughing, crying, kids entertainment and some local music currently top of the charts is heading your way. And the tickets will sold at R100 per show. Every performer and crew member are all working on a “Door Deal” and non gets upfront payment.

The ticket splits will work as follow:

35%  Production Split
12%  / R12: Hosting site and ticketing
2% / R2: Donation to Artist Related Charity Fund
43% / R43 :Performers & Hosts
8%.  R8: Marketing

If you look at the breakdown, you’ll see that R100 is split into 5 categories of which all have various sub categories, is not that expensive.

The Team so far: 

JC Snooke – Life etc – Director / Producer
Jennis Williamson – Talent Etc – Line producer
Christian Botha – Brickwolf Creatives – DOP / Gear / Art dep
Theo Scheepers – DIT / Editor
Sarel van Vuuren – Shortwave Productions – Sound & Sound Gear
Delarey & Nicci Hatting – Monarchy – Venue 
Wian Smith – The Marketing Zoo – PR & Marketing
Shai & Matt – Howler – Ticketing and hosting Platform

We would like to launch the ticket sales once all performers & hosts are confirmed. However we are  aiming for 2 July 2020. 

Also please go like @thetalenttheatrepresents on Facebook, to keep up to date with all the developments

If you have a talent or idea you would like to showcase on “The Talent Theatre” feel free to contact me

Looking forward to hear from you.

You bring the talent, we’ll do the rest.



Alecia Dyason
Annelie Bouwer
Calvyn Grandling
Caroline Watu
Clarice Pieterse

Danielle Retief
Deanre Reiners
Keitu Kasonkola
Melissa Swart
Mlungisi Mathe
Shadi Chauke

Stephan Van Huyssteen
Tiaan Nortje
Zoricke Snyman
Victor Masoga
Devin O’ Malley


By Precious Magoswana

"Izolo Namhlanje Na Ngomso... Siyafunda..." - Mamela

Yesterday, Today and tomorrow, we learn.


By Jennis Williamson

Since the beginning of my career as an agent and producer, I have at all times been obsessed with stats and trends, I closely follow international industry trends and this keeps us a step ahead in preparation and execution of all strategies.

Yet, in contradiction to international trends, this was the first month of June in my career where we did not find a moment to relax…it has been busy, manic, exhausting yet fruitful. We have had amazing highs and difficult lows. We have not taken a break since lockdown initiated in March, and we are not intending to slow down.

  • Our strategies are in place, we focus on our home first, meaning our artists first, and
    only then the entire industry.
  • We have launched Talent Cares to assist our actors in this time of need as you cannot always depend on external sources.
  • We have exceeded our goals and expectations in all departments; agency, crew,
    production and influencers
  • We are working on external and competitive products and services to reignite
    passion for our industry.
  • Above all, we find time to laugh in the office, as at the end, if there is no joy, there is
    no life.

May your July be filled with HOPE and LAUGHTER.



By Shalock Rass

"They don't have to believe you or believe in you for you to know that you are great. Keep moving, they will follow."

Shalock Rass

Featured Artist

Chidera Nwoha

Our 13-year-old actor, Chidera Nwoha, just booked his first television soapie-role on the eTV production, Scandal. He will be portraying the role of Mpendulo for the next couple of months. Chidera has been in television commercials for Dettol, Phillips and a few more.

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