By Jennis Williamson

We are honoured to welcome a couple of new graduates from University of Pretoria, two of whom already booked their first film as a leading and supporting character.

We are starting to shoot our 4 films during February, in between another international project and a few commercials, and I’m proud to see how, as agents, the vision to tie all departments together and CREATE more work for our signed talent, finally is coming to fruition.

Definitely only the beginning of our plans for 2022. And as we always think outside the box, event our end of year bash, was replaced with a welcome to 2022 bash…celebrating a fresh new start.


By Frankie Opperman​

February – Let the hustle begin!

2022 has officially rolled in and we as the TETC team are raring to go. On the Crew-Etc side we’ve already kicked off with a number of productions that we have crew members on and this February we are picking up some serious speed with a number of drama’s and documentaries rolling in. 

We also have exciting news coming soon with regards to our ever expanding team. More to follow in March..

As we continue to expand we are always looking to add more production companies to our client list, so please do help and share the TETC brand far and wide. May 2022 be a fruitful year to all. Let’s go go go!


By Thulani Ndzotyana

Twenty twenty-two! 

By now you should correctly be referencing the year we are in, 2022!

Indeed we are more optimistic in the Social Media Streets, we had a December holiday that felt close to the “old-normal”, it was one with no restrictions. We could travel, work (as content creators) and showcase our lives unapologetically, without stepping on any of the countries “lock-down restriction” toes. Now we kick off the year with trendy Instagram reels, back to office, back to physical castings and so much more. As you do this my advice is to have fun with your social media content, keep it “reel”, relevant and uniquely YOU. I used the word “reel” with intent, many social media trend predictions for twenty twenty-two show that this the way to go, using reels in your content and jumping on the right song trends for your desired content can help boost your following and exposure.

Gone are the days for aesthetically pleasing feeds, or curated super delayed content. As we move back to our new normal. People want real content in reel form, they want authentic and want you to engage on comments and in stories.

Be sure to try the Instagram story templates that allow you to “add yours” on moving trends. This can guarantee you a better reach.

As you step fiercely into twenty twenty-two remember to follow us on all our social media platforms (twitter, Facebook and Instagram) tag us on content and share your experiences with us, so we can experience them too.

As our Talent ETC artist, we love to celebrate all your wins, so tag us and share content with us, so we showcase what you are up to.


By Kristy Suttner

We have hit the ground running this month with our artists jam packed with bookings early on in the year! An audio book, a radio drama, multiple call-backs for animated series and the usual commercial bookings have all been on the go.

In addition, it has been great getting to know some of the aspiring voice artists during the Training Hub Voice Assignment feedback. Looking forward to onboarding some of these talented folks in the months ahead.

Voice of the Month 

This month we’d like to feature one of our new sign ons, Candy-Leigh Wolmarans, who has just completed our first audio book with Audible! Congrats to Candy for outstanding work and feedback from the client. We’re proud of you!

Remember to check out the Voice Tab on the Talent website if you’re interested in becoming a voice artist or drop me an email:


By Melissa Swart

Happy 2022 Fam! We have high hopes for this year and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride. 

We will be focusing a lot on ensuring our influencers remain safe within contract boundaries, so that no brand takes advantage of them and their platform.

We want to encourage everyone that is part of our social family, to trust us to negotiate the best deals and contracts for you. 
As always are available anytime for your inquiries.


By Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

The new year has started off on high gear with us welcoming us some new faces into the Talent Etc KZN division.

The heavy rains that have recently been a feature in our province have not stopped production houses from shooting some great products on our shores.

We heartily congratulate our Artists Wandi Chamane (previously on iSipho) and Sir Roel Twijnstra who have opened our year with a bang by landing roles in the 2 biggest telenovelas shot in KZN which are UZALO and IMBEWU. We can’t wait for the fire they will be bringing onto local screens.

2022 is the year we set on reintegrating many of our artists and crew back into industry after what seems like a long break caused by Covid.

We welcome the industry getting back to its usual functions in KZN and we are excited for what’s in the pipelines.

We wish our crew and talent a fantastic start to the year, and in the words on the Mandela,

“a Winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

Love and light…

Fundi and Justin


By JC Snooke

Ready. Set. GO!!! The year is off to a great start as we hit the ground running in the first week of January and boy oh boy, what an exciting run it has been already. 

We are now in full swing with the 4 films we are making and we can proudly say that they are all filled with Talent (Etc)

24 members of our cast and crew are ready to rumble as we start shooting the first film on the 1st of February. These films will feature some fresh new faces as well as old favourites. Whodunit, drama, teen comedy and a thriller that will knock your socks off are some of the exciting storylines you can expect. We are very excited and proud to be making something this special, where all our divisions can come together and make some magic.

Just to keep us on our toes we are also busy with BTS footage for an international film, as well as shooting some very exciting social media ads.

  1. Upwards and onwards


By Precious Magoswana

“Isala kutyelwa siva noolopu”

Anyone who does not take advice receives knowledge only when trouble overtakes them


By Jennis Williamson

January already feels like June and I am super honoured and proud of our 2022 already, even after only one month back at the office.

Gratitude is the word we started Talent-ETC with in 2009, and that’s the word we live by daily.

Love and Light



By Zoku Mgoduka

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing”

Elbert Hubbard