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By Eben Brink

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter! We are full speed ahead and already in the second month of 2020.

It is with sadness, though great excitement, to mention that Rojean will be leaving Talent-ETC and South Africa in exchange for the countryside of England in Norwich. Rojean, we wish that this new chapter for you and Oliver will be blessed beyond!

Keep an eye out for workshops that we will be hosting throughout 2020 with some of the best trainers and experts in the industry.

Workshops subjects will vary including:

  • The Art of Self Tapes | 22 February 2020
  • How to audition | 21 March 2020
  • All Things Social Media | 18 April 2020
  • Do I Need PR | 23 May 2020
  • Audition Make Up Tutorial | 20 June 2020
  • Do You Have An Idea For TV | 18 July 2020
  • Intro To Musical Theatre | 15 August 2020
  • Voice Over Workshop | 19 September 2020
  • Finding Your Spotlight | 24 October 2020


To book your spot at one of these workshops, please contact Eben at R350 per workshop (Including snacks and drinks).


By Frankie Opperman​

2019 was a tough year for a lot of people in the industry. I myself also suffered hardships, however I used this as motivation to get this new leg going and ensure that we find exciting avenues for freelancers, whilst creating a sustainable business model. So far there have been encouraging signs that 2020 will be a much better year. With a number of jobs landed in January, we’re busy spreading the Crew-ETC gospel and have also gained a number of new clients so far. It’s all about the relationships we build with production houses and how we maintain them, all the while constantly chipping away at opening up new doors. There seem to be many exciting projects in the pipeline that will hopefully pick up speed in the near future, so watch this space, we’re about to get rocking and rolling.

In the picture below, is one of our DOP’s, Johannes Schoutsen, in the heart of the Northern Cape, busy with an intriguing documentary produced by Palama Productions – on the serious drought in South Africa. This seemed to be a very good metaphor to run with. It might be dry and there might be no rain in sight, but let’s not despair and give up hope. Let’s then build our own pipeline and get these crops growing.


By Kyle Clark

SOCIAL-ETC is off to a banging start for 20 plenty this year, we’re kicking off this new decade with redefining what INFLUENCE is on social media. Our influencers and brand connections are looking at finally doing our Launch Day where we will have influencers and brands connect over champagne and bring in the decade with style and influence. 2020 has amazing things in store SOCIAL-ETC from workshops about building your brand online to actual courses that will give you step by step guides on how to become an online store. The future is definitely exciting for us, are you ready?


By JC Snooke

With 2020 here, we reflect on the work we did in early 2019.

Klipwerf Kuiers aired on VIA with our beautiful, talented and, soon to be mom for the 2nd time, Nadia Beukes. Life in a Bulb Productions together with The Klipwerf Dans Orkes created a show where we invited the best musicians in the industry to join forces, make some food & remake a classic South African song together. It was a very successful show, however due to lack of funding and changes within the channel’s programming we were not able to create another season. Sad, but true!

Raising funds gets more challenging every year, especially for Afrikaans television. You have to think out of the box to acquire funding before you even think of taking an idea to a production company. A piece of advice for creatives this year: Keep your great idea in your pocket for a while and think ‘Money’ before you pitch up at a production company saying: “I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A NEW SHOW”

Klipwerf Kuiers


Amo Chidi
Beate Opperman   
Bongani Titana
Debre Opperman
Des-Lee McKenzie
Dirk Stoltz
Jacques Bessenger
Jai Prakash
Jandrey Greyling
Lauren Botha
Logan Timbre
Loriska Bubb
Maki Mokhitli
Monde Msutwana
Nathanya Van Zyl 
Odelle De Wet
Robert Webb
Roshila Jarosz
Sarel Bester
Shaun Smit  
Suraya Rose-Santos 
Thokozile Ndimande
Veronique Breugelmans
Vilje Maritz
Rushil Jina
George Hugo
Lindiwe Gambu
Lara Goodman
Zia Trenkic
Neo Thwala
Theo Scheepers
Anika Du Toit
Anine Scheepers
Mareli Jooste
Tshego Desiree


By Precious Magoswana

SBWL (Sabaweli) iSuccess ku2020
"Craving success in 2020"


By Jennis Williamson

As we have already survived the first month of 2020, I can honestly say that although the year initially had a slow start, it sped up quite quickly and the positivity and energy regarding 2020 is contagious.

Our aim for 2020 is growth and raising the standard. Apart from various international partnerships, we want to give the industry the opportunity to learn and to grow. We will be offering monthly workshops to further equipt the industry and so raise the standard.

“The two happiest days of your life is (1) When you were born and (2) When you found out why you were born” Embrace your purpose.


By Shalock Rass

Work in silence, success makes the noise’

Leo Da Silva

Featured Artist


Refilwe Modiselle portays the lead role of ‘Mansa’ in “White Gold”, an international short film directed by Luke Bradford. ‘White Gold’ has been accepted into Rapidlion International Film Festival & the PAN African Film & Arts Festival, hosted in Los Angeles from 11 – 23 February 2020. The film’s acceptance into the aforementioned festival means it stands a greater chance to get recognized for the 2021 Oscar Awards. Refilwe will be on the red carpet to represent South Africa and Talent-ETC Feb 2020. Follow Refilwe on Instagram @refilwemodiselle not to miss a single moment of her Hollywood dream

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