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By Jennis Williamson

We are thrilled to welcome Faffa Nel to our team as production manager with our upcoming film and corporate shoots in Johannesburg and Cape-Town. Faffa is no stranger to the industry and his expertise and positive energy is contagious on set, and in the office.

There has been tremendous growth in each department, visible in targets achieved, and our next step would be…upward & onward.

We have some exciting news for 2022 to further broaden our horizons.

Our Training Hub™ Assignment 3 have been completed and we can see the growth in every single artist participating. This is an initiative that will carry on during 2022 as that is our ultimate role as agents: Serving the industry with passion by connecting and enhancing our talent.


By Frankie Opperman​

What a 2021 it’s been! After 2020, the hope was that 2021 could only be better and so it proved. Although not a full recovery, the year at least gave all of us newfound hope, once again showcasing how survivors can make plans, hustle, and think outside of the box. The industry may have taken a big knock, but we’re still here fighting. 

2022 is going to be epically big and the carpet has been rolled out. Productions are coming in, so let’s ride this positive wave of momentum and make 2022 the comeback year.

Onwards and upwards!


By Thulani Ndzotyana

As a social media influencer, I always get asked the same question; “How can I grow my social media profile?”

It is simple, be authentic.

Know your brand, but most importantly analyse your brand. Your social media should reflect this brand, for instance, if you are an actor, have interest in sports and have a great support structure, let your social media presence reflect that, for instance:

Monday – Post about your acting career etc.
Wednesday – Post about your family / friends / loved ones / pets etc
Friday – Post about rugby etc

Once your content goes on rotation, people will know what and when to expect posts from you. But as your brand expands, start adding new elements in the days in between.

Remember the power of the #Hashtag. Don’t necessarily make up hashtags, there are millions of hashtags already used, go find the right ones to become part of that hashtag family.

Lastly, have fun! If you don’t control it, it will control you. You are the master of your own brand.


By Kristy Suttner

This month has been a whirlwind of activity in Voice Etc, with our voice artists booking a variety of work, from major commercial campaigns to direct marketing campaigns, to audio books, to animated series. Our artists are doing the most! Constantly working, training, and learning, I couldn’t be prouder of them.

We are particularly proud of Tumelo Mosese, our youngest voice artist, who booked a lead role on a Disney series – how exciting!

To any aspiring voice artists on our books, please remember that the voice over industry and voice acting is an exhilarating but unique part of our industry. Being successful as an actor or a presenter does not automatically mean that you can easily do voice work. Most of our artists have trained to get where there are and are continuously working on their craft as a voice artist specifically. But this is not bad news! You too can be a part of it. One on one classes and workshops are available if you would like to sign up. We’d love to chat.


By Melissa Swart

2022 is upon us and it fills me with so much excitement! It means new goals, fresh dreams, and better plans!

This year also brings new work for all, I speak it out not the universe and I will keep looking for the best opportunities for all the Social ETC family members.

Congrats to Deanre Reiners for closing his deal with Manscaped as well as a few others…can’t wait to share the deeds with you all.

May all of you be blessed, rejuvenated, and inspired for the new season that awaits!


By Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

The transition from 2021 to 2022 is showing no sign of slowing down. We excitingly still have our artists on various sets across South Africa. The industry movement is very welcome after an almost 1 and a half year slow down.

December – January is one of the busiest seasons in KZN as we welcome tourists and visitors from other provinces.

Our artistic family will be involved in various campaigns across the province adding to its creative impulse (keep your eyes peeled to our social pages for updates and finding fun activities in KZN near you this season.) 

Our TALENT family were invited to the premiere of Riaad Moosa’s, New Material, the movie and we would like to thank Ochre media and Blu Blood Africa for creating a space for the creative and business worlds to meet. This is an important intersection that creates economic and creative value.

We again call out to our Artists and visitors this season to BE SAFE as we celebrate the holidays and start of a new year.

Thank you for an amazing year as the KZN division turned a whole 1 year old. Looking forward to an incredible 2022!


By JC Snooke

From corporate productions, commercials, location recces, loads of travelling, behind the scenes shoots and so much more, we are extremely grateful to be able to tell South African stories with passion and integrity.

To see every single division in the ETC brand benefit from our current and upcoming productions just proves that with the right intention and HARD work, anything really is possible.

We are especially excited about our upcoming films in 2022 as Jennis and I were confirmed as the directors on these 4 films. We also co-wrote one of the films on our slate and working with extremely talented writers, Reginald Hufkie, Marista van Eeden, Jaco van Bosch and Mark Haines on our other films.
Apart from this, we also have a few commercial contracts confirmed for 2022, knowing that this is only the beginning. Let’s kick ass in 2022!


By Precious Magoswana

“Imbila yaswel' umsila ngokuyalezela” direct translation being “ The coney is without a tail because he commissioned another to bring it for him.”

This proverb means that if you truly want something done correctly, you must do it yourself.


By Jennis Williamson

The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 leaves me with so many mixed emotions…but I think “being tired” is at the top of everyone’s list.

It is hard in modern times to find time to pamper ourselves and when we do, we tend to invariably feel overwhelmed with guilt.

Part of honouring and loving ourselves is accepting that we deserve love and care and that we owe it to ourselves to spoil ourselves – take a holiday (when that is possible or at least plan or a future event in order to have something to look forward to), go for a massage…everything should have its place and a clear even balance between work and play must be followed if you want to function optimally in life.

Get used to rejecting guilt – a wasted emotion that you can choose to ignore

Love and light



By Zoku Mgoduka

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot

Michael Altshuler