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By Jennis Williamson

Survived yet another lock down and an uncertain period in SA, but as always, we mastered the art of always keeping busy to work towards the dream and vision for Talent-ETC, not by competing to be the best or biggest agency in South Africa, but by actively being the best we can be in serving the entertainment industry. That’s all that really matters in the end!

We are thrilled to welcome Melissa Swart to our team as the new Head of Social-ETC. With the collaboration between Talent-ETC and Swart Social Media Management we are excited for Melissa to head up this department. Her client base, discipline, knowledge, and expertise in this field makes her a force to reckon with. Melissa has been part of the ETC family since the day we opened, so she is the perfect fit to take this division to the next level. To contact Melissa, email

Also, make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for our exciting and ‘Dare to be YOU’ campaign during August 2021 in celebrating Women’s Month.


by Fundi Zwane & Justin Nanak

Our family and friends around KZN and SA…

We are still in disbelief of the trauma that we had to endure over the past month.

But, to see our communities rise and unite to defend KZN is something we will hold in our hearts forever.

Although everything came to a halt in KZN, we are rebuilding, one clean up at a time.

The board of the Durban FilmMart has also decided, that in good conscience, they cannot host an event in July that celebrates African film while large parts of South Africa experienced such trauma. The 12th edition of the Durban FilmMart will now take place from 13 to 22 August 2021

We must however stay strong, calm, vigilant and tell our stories.


By Frankie Opperman​

July has been a tough month for a lot of us. From the pandemic to anarchy and chaos across the country, it’s affected us all in some shape or form. I’m hopeful that August can be the bit of light at the end of the tunnel that we all need with lockdown levels dropping and a bit of normality coming back into our lives. We at Crew-Etc are gearing up for the spring season and are readying the booking sheets. Watch this space, as we continuously strive to connect our talented pool of freelancers to your productions. Stay safe out there.


By Kristy Suttner

While on lockdown, many of our voice artists have been using this time to sharpen their skills and hone their craft by means of online classes or getting their demos ready and written. Studios are functioning as usual, albeit with a lot more sanitiser, so our artists were able do their bookings as usual as well. Our new page is generating a lot of interest with sign up enquiries at an all-time high. This month I was honoured to be featured on Talking Voice Overs podcast with Gaëlle Gosselin. It was a fun and insightful discussion, taking a good look at the voice over industry, the importance of training and representation. Looking forward to some warmer weather and what our Spring season will bring!


By Melissa Swart

I am thrilled to be part of the Talent team and even more excited about the journey that awaits Social ETC!

I hope to grow Social ETC into a formidable leg of the ETC family and to give every influencer a safe space where they can build and continue to grow their own unique brand. 
It is my goal to get tons of work with amazing brands and companies that our influencers can be proud to get behind. I’m not going to rock the boat and make massive changes, but I will add my own flavour to how we approach things. The success of Social-ETC is my success and I know together we will be an unstoppable team! To our influencers, I will be here for anything you might need and any questions you might have, even if it just to share your frustrations or to ask advice. I’m just a phone call or email away.


By JC Snooke

During the past year many writers and filmmakers have used the time to conceive new films or brush off and significantly progress drafts lying in the proverbial drawer.

While South Africa works together to fight this pandemic, amongst other crises, and we are mostly homebound, it doesn’t mean you can’t restore some sort of normalcy as a creative in your new day to day life.

It’s so important now more than ever to occupy your train of thought and fill this newfound time by staying productive.

You are spending plenty of time in your home now so why don’t you create your own safe space such as a studio or study area to allow you to get some work done by feeling like you still have a place to go to, even if it is just 20 steps from your bedroom. As a writer, why not reach out to other writers and finally get that rusty idea on paper. When you are ready, come talk to us! Same with ideas for all lifestyle shows as well.

Feeling productive yet? It’s time to use your time wisely and stay productive. While everyone is together in uncertainty, do your part, stay home, stay safe and stay inspired.

What we will watch on TV in a year will be born out of the NOW.


By Precious Magoswana

“Isiziba siviva ngodondolo”

A hole in a river is felt with a long stick, so we must look before we leap


By Jennis Williamson

Hi all

With celebrating Women’s Month during August, I leave you with these words:

Men and women are quite different. Equal and deserving of the same rights, but different. Each gender has its own strengths, and there is something special about a woman that can’t be replicated in men. The beauty of these words below is that they capture that sentiment. They are inspired by femininity, but they are also emboldened with power. Beyonce’s statement is as wonderful as Eleanor Roosevelt’s, and Simone de Beauvoir’s is as poetic as Ayn Rand’s. While everyone might be saying something different, they’re all getting to the heart of the matter: Women Matter!

To Precious, Thulani, Zoku, Kristy, Fundi, Melissa, as well as all our actresses and clients, we honor and celebrate you!

Love and light



By Shalock Rass

Some promises will remain just that, Promises

Shalock Rass