APRIL 2020

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By Eben Brink

With COVID-19 forcing South Africa on lockdown and almost everyone being at home, this is the perfect time to sharpen up some skills, take part in online workshops, learn a new accent or perhaps even a new language. There are a lot of free online courses on Youtube, but if you prefer something more educational, visit

With the current COVID-19 lockdown is South Africa, it has the potential to drastically halter the economy and sales, and seeing that everyone is self-isolating, your brand can allow us to bring the consumers to your platforms during this challenging period.

Talent-ETC has launched a campaign called “A Lockdown Initiative”.

Seeing that everyone is taking part in the national lockdown, this will force the statistics of social media to increase even more. Consumers are being forced to shop online and this is the perfect opportunity for you.

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By Frankie Opperman​

Be Proactive

This is an extremely difficult time we all find ourselves in. After a bright start to March, work has dried up immensely during this COVID-19 period and productions are either cancelling or postponing at an alarming rate. With all the uncertainty, it is difficult to gauge when things will return to normal. There are currently a number of our people working in post-production, which seem to be less affected than crew working on set. But it’s still much less than usual.

In the meantime, we all have to try and stay busy and not get downed by the situation. It’s all easy to say, but being proactive now, will benefit you when the gates are open again. If you have extra time on hand, now is the moment to utilise it for that concept you’ve been working on, that CV you’re updating, or that showreel that you’ve been putting off for months.

Also, it’s up to us all to look out for one another. Let’s check in on those we know are going through tough times. Offer support where possible, even if it’s just a listening ear. We’re all just part of one big dysfunctional industry family, so let’s hold hands together. Ok, maybe not hold hands, but you get the picture.


By Kyle Clark

As we move into this trying and very unknown time of our lives, we look to where we can monetize and share some light on where the economy is regarding moving towards a digital transition. We are excited to see a force of businesses, brands, products and services moving towards an online platform which is what was needed for our economy to take the online world a little bit more serious. Now that we are here and maybe not in pleasant circumstances, it’s up to us to make sure that we quality control our content but also be smart in how we go about influencing in future. We as SOCIAL-ETC are excited about where we are heading and to deliver quality campaigns and content going forward. Being the driving force that online content and online consumption is the new way to go.


By JC Snooke

The hardest thing is to let something go…especially when you have planned a shoot for 2 years and then a world pandemic hits us.

All we can do is to look out for each other, hope and pray that we come out of it safely and ready to take on a changed industry.

We planned to shoot a pilot episode for a new travel show called ‘Drop Pin’ during the end of March 2020, this entailed taking hands with a luxury partner in London, casting 4 fantastic and talented influencers, flights were booked and we received accommodation in Cape Town at a 5-star hotel. And then the bomb dropped, we had to make the call that filming this is not as important as the lives of everyone involved. Needles to say, it is postponed until further notice.

Covid-10 will be affecting everyone within the entertainment industry. All we need to do is to think cleverer about work opportunities and be more creative i.e what makes you different and what can you do to make it work?

Social-ETC and Life-ETC is filming and editing an online training course helping you to go from “Zero to Verified” with Kyle Clark (Clark Media). This will be released soon.

LIAB filmed our first documentary and we are very excited to release this. This was an absolute life changing experience to talk to people about mental illness. The Louw-Down on Depression will be an in-depth look in depression through the eyes of Louw Breytenbach.


Angelique Gerber

Bill Chauke

Catriona Andrew

Chantel Evans

Charlize Barnard

Daniel Kekana

Elne Pretorius

Louis Auret

Lymari Alberts

Nozipho Mbele

HRH Princess Pamela Zulu

Paola Broekman

Reginald Hufkie

Sasha Stroebel

Theo Jantjies

Valeska Muller

Willem Botha

Carl Joshua

Jürgen Hellberg

Durwin Julies

Edwin Knopf

Christian Wolf

Ruane van Rooyen


By Precious Magoswana

"iThemba Liyaphilisa"
Hope Results In Life.


By Jennis Williamson

We started the year with excitement. 

We started the year with goals. 

We started the year with targets. 

And then Covid-19 became a reality….


All of a sudden our lives changed dramatically, every possible future we dreamed of changed, and this left us with a feeling of fear, anxiety, and doubt. The agency felt this change immediately as the team has to work from home, with that other challenges…internet, transport, communication issues, load shedding etc.


I have no idea what the future will hold, nor do I know how this will affect the industry in the long run. My heart goes out to every single performer and crew member.


What I do know is that we are dealing with this change one day at a time, and we are doing this in a positive and effective manner, we are working on projects and campaigns and once this turns, we will be ready!

Till then, lets change the industry, one self tape at a time.

Sending you love, hope and light.



By Shalock Rass

"I am not a dreamer. I play a role in my dreams."

Shalock Rass

Featured Artist


Dean Goldblum just released his debut single, “You and I”. Dean is currently studying in Cape Town, while maintaining a career in acting, and now as a singer as well. Dean has shown face in soaps like Rhythm City and Generations: The Legacy.

Listen to Dean’s brand new single – out now on all music platforms. 

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