s'bo ntshebe

 S’bo is an experienced performer, facilitator and adjudicator. Currently he is a performer/team leader/physical theatre director for Walking Tall 2017. He is also a founder of of Beneath the Skin Productions where he wrote, produced, directed and performed productions such as Through His eye, Journey to a Changing Frontier, and Speed Hunters from 2010 – 2014. In the past ten years as a professional he has performed in various theatre productions such as The Butter Battle, Say Otherwise, Mina Nawe, The Scorpion, Jack Slater Monster Investigater, Mind Junk Magic, Wet Feet, Hamlet, As You Like It, Walking Tall, The Castaway, Exhibit A, The Wangai and he has facilitated workshops in all nine Provinces including the Maitisong Festivals of 2005 and 2006 in Botwana…





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