john yves

John Yves is a multi-tasker, he is a man of his word. If he promises something, he will definitely deliver. He is a fast learner. He is very professional and has exceptional organizational skills.  He knows how to fix thing that are completely broken. He is a globe-trotter, he has been around the world and that has made him fearless! He is a Media Guru, passionate about ‘Health and Sciences’ too. John is currently working for Radio France International as a correspondent. He is a Producer of French Speaking on Channel Africa, He is a Communication Project Manager at Wits Health Consortium, John was an overall winner of ‘Tolerance Prize’ from the International Federation of Journalist for consecutive years (2003 and 2004) As much he loves media, John believes he can make a good school teacher, because of his drive for making somebody understand. Give him coffee, pen and paper and he will write a ‘thesis’ in a second.

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