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Erik Harm Holm is a South African actor best known for his role as the paraplegic, Riaan Malherbe in the popular Kyknet series Binneland, since 2008. In 2007 while performing the role of Benjamin Komoeti in the well-known stage production “Fiela se Kind” in Secunda his life changed dramatically due to a freak diving accident whilst playing volleyball with his co actors, leaving the once bubbly, free spirited and “Maltrap” paralysed and confined to a wheelchair losing his dignity. With the help and assistance of family and friends as well as positive outlook on life, he slowly regained his confidence and self-esteem, and today considers himself to be the luckiest paraplegic around. His accident, although restricting, did not end his acting career and in 2008 he started performing the role of Riaan Malherbe in Binneland. He is now also involved in script writing for this popular TV series. In 2010 Erik was a co-writer and Assistant Director of the popular Afrikaans movie “Liefling”, and also performed in this, in 2013 he was the assistant Director for the film “Pretville” he was also a news anchor for SABC 2’s Afrikaans news and for DSTV’s 24 hour news channel. Erik was on stage in Dogma in 2014 and 2015 playing the part of Abelhart. Erik also does Motivational speaking and poetry readings.

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