andrè schwartz

Johannesburg born Andrè Schwartz made his television debut at the age of 14. He recalls that this appearance was the stimulus for his singing career; "Feeling the excitement of the cameras, the lights and realizing the immensity of the audience turned me into a 'performance junkie'. At that moment I realized that no other career would suffice." Andrè studied law. The irony is that at university he realised more than ever that singing would always be his greatest love. Andrè practices his art with passion and believes that honesty is the key to success. This applies on stage, screen and in the recording studio. Andrè possesses an alluring stage personality and has the ability to cater for the likes of young and old with his secretive, romantic and lively performances. His performances are by no means a whisper into a microphone; he claims his stage, opens his mouth and sings with resounding energy. His singing comes from deep within, it is a very personal thing which he shares with his audience on a one to one basis. Being an incurable romantic he is ever grateful for a sober side to his personality. "The work of a professional performer is not just a party. The same rules of discipline and dedication apply as it does in any other occupation." This gives him the balance between being creative and disciplined at the same time. This temperate attitude has made him immensely popular with fellow artists and co-workers.

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