armon barnard

Born in 1990 on a farm outside of Hobhouse, Armon never knew the ride life would take him on, but he definitely knew there was something bigger and better waiting. At the age of 6 him and his parents move to Bloemfontein where he stayed for 16 years and went to school and university. He obtained his BA (Drama and Theatre Arts) at the University of the Free State in 2011. Apart from his experience as actor in 13 theatre productions such as Ibsen’s Pillars of Society and A.P. Brink’s Kinkels innie Kabel, portraying different roles in a variety of genres. Acting is about how diverse you can be, letting yourself go and every time portraying something new. As Drama student he realised that it’s not all about acting and being on stage, you have to start at the bottom and work yourself up – not just be a diverse actor but also a diverse person. He built sets, acted as assistant art director and stylist for several productions. He was also stage manager for a successful cabaret named Sekelmaan. Studying drama has taught Armon to work hard, but also to handle disappointment, to display tenacity and motivate him to try again and again. He is inquisitive, hard-working, a diverse actor, thinks creatively and takes an interest in people. Nothing in the world simply falls into one’s lap. After obtaining his degree he decided to move to the big city, where he did odd jobs to get started. The following year he started out as Production Assistant on the hit television show Glam Guru, that same year he also worked for Homebrew Films on various shows for kykNET. However, his career has also taught him that life offers more: it is a calculated game where relations between people are as important as die successful completion of a task, and the one always has an influence the other. That makes life part tragedy, part comedy.

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