arlin bantam

Arlin Bantam is an actor, singer, writer and model based in Cape Town, South Africa. Following a lifetime obsessed with the seemingly contrasted worlds of musical theatre and rock ‘n roll, he completed a 3-year Drama degree from Stellenbosch University (with specialization in Cabaret and Creative Writing), and after having won the prestigious ACT/DALRO/Nedbank Performing Arts scholarship in 2013, he has gone on to work quite actively in local theatre and in local and international film and television projects. To date, he has appeared in productions like “Die Man Wat Wou Wees” and “Die Gangsters” – directed by the famed Marthinus Basson, he has toured numerous countries around the globe as a singer (Pro Cantu, Cape Town Youth Choir et al.), he has appeared in local advertisements – most recently for “Deeghuys” – and has appeared on the American SyFy Network’s new TV show “Blood Drive”. In addition to this, his first feature film, “The Pigeon Paradox” – by French director Sacha Sultan – is slated to premiere in 2017 and he is set to play one of the main characters in the South African touring production of the musical “RENT” in the same year. Outside of performance, he works quite actively as a writer and cultural critic – with focus on music journalism. He serves as a staff writer for SA Music Scene, runs his own blog, and his first full-length play – “DIP-THUNK” - is set to premiere at a Cape Town theatre in 2017. All in all, Arlin is an all-round creator who lives to create. He is driven by his craft, he sacrifices every part of himself for the art he makes and, despite his age, knows what he brings to the table and strives to “lean in” every single time he possibly can.

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