joshua moreira

Joshua is a talented confident singer/ songwriter. He got his first guitar at the age of 4 and started lessons at the age of 6. He wrote his first song “Lovesick” at the age of 8. He now has a collection of songs that grows every day. He also started piano lessons in 2013 and has taken to it as easily as his guitar. He does his music lessons at Swallow 15 Music School. To follow his dream of being more famous than Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber rolled into one, he started Stageworx, run by Gemma Donnelly, in 2013. Gemma is coaching him on voice training and acting and Mathew Marinus from the Graeme Watkins Project and Sergent Fu, is tutoring him with his love of songwriting and music. His first passion is music and singing, but he also shows enthusiasm and enjoyment in acting.

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