utlwang molefe

A bookworm is probably the right word to describe Utlwang Molefe for she is always reading, either electronically or the old fashioned way from a book. It is the characters in the stories that she reads that allow her to use her imagination and get lost in the world of acting, recreating the characters she has come across in her reading journeys. She is always performing improvised scenes for her family, inspired by the recent character she has come across and bonded with. Utlwang has been in the world of books since her early years, and now explores writing her own stories through her unpublished S.H.A.A.R.P series. Her plan is to finish the series and have it published and adapted into movies that she can star in. To her, reading and acting go hand in hand as they offer an opportunity to creatively explore and travel in different roles. She represented her primary school in different ‘Battle of the Books’ – a competition where learners are given an array of books and later questioned accordingly. Utlwang also likes to sing in ensembles. She participated in her previous school’s choir that entertained in various concerts both within and outside their campus. While performance is her anchor, Utlwang is a multi-talented artist at heart. She also loves photography, drawing and designing anything from clothes to shoes. She designed her dress for the grade 7 farewell. She is always buried in her books drawing , reading or designing shoes and clothes. Her room is packed with all her gorgeous designs .Utlwang is a scholar at Parktown High School for Girls and is enthusiastically awaiting to start with their exciting drama club.

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