tiro molefe

Tiro is a  learner at Parktown High School for Girls. She took up Drama as part of her studies to enhance the talent she believes she has. Tiro always wanted to be the center of attention, the right attention though. As a toddler, she would stand in front of the television while her parents were watching whatever show was playing at the time, and would just sing and perform for them. Acting is one of those creative outlets that allow her to be someone else and to just be dramatic without anyone judging her. Being someone else for a change is a nice break from being just a regular girl. Tiro enjoys being behind and in front of the camera, both stills and video. She absolutely adores photography. Tiro's dad works a lot with cameras, so he is passing down his skills. Tiro mainly takes pictures of people, because she enjoy capturing their beauty. Her main goal though is acting. Acting in one of South Africa’s prominent soapie, then definitely making it on international screens and stages. She is also part of the school hip-hop team, which got a Diploma in the 2015 National Eiddstedford under the choreographic guidance of the amazing Lesedi Mpho Mabena aka Leash, of Freeze Frame dance group. Tiro really enjoys dancing, her friends think she's a bit weird, because she dances out of the blue without any music playing. There is music though...in her head. Tiro is learning how to ‘krump’, because it is her favourite type of dance. It is so powerful and quick. It is not easy, but she likes the challenge. Whatever role she gets, she will put her heart into it because as they say ‘you are as good as your last performance’.

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