Talulah is a social, charismatic person and has a contagious smile and laughter with a genuine interest and love for people and animals. She is a complex blend of a down to earth Afrikaans girl and an elegant French mademoiselle. When she is not passionately writing music, she is striking up conversations with any-one nearby, gyming or creating something artistic. She is completely at home with different forms of art: guitar, singing, painting and sculpting. She is busy at the moment with her black belt in judo and has also been modelling for 18 months. Her love for animals, especially horses, has compelled her to do several holiday stints at various equine veterinary clinics and she also has been horse riding for 12 years. Having been part of the French schooling system since the age of 3, she has just completed her International French Baccalaureate and is completely trilingual in French, English and Afrikaans, but is also competent in Spanish. Her best features are her gorgeous smile, her chocolate brown eyes and lustrous hair and she probably comes across more Italian, than French or Afrikaans.

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