suzanne fourie

Suzanne is actively pursuing her love for acting. Since a young age, she was always telling stories and performing for her family even only to deliver a quick poem in the kitchen. Dancing has been a part of her life since the age of 4 when she started ballet classes and later took up modern and contemporary dancing instead. Suzanne also played the piano and guitar, achieving Grade 3 Trinity in piano and reaching level 8 at Swallow 15 Music School for guitar. She reached level 2 Vocals at Swallow 15 Music School but had to unfortunately put it on hold during her matric year. Suzanne is always looking for new ways to improve her acting ability and pursue her passion. She is a public speaker, being part of the English and Afrikaans speech guild teams. She has performed in many school productions and has been actively involved in many Youth plays. Her natural talent and versatility in acting was displayed through the various characters she portrayed in the play “Dierepubliek” – a rewrite in Afrikaans of the well-known novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. She and her team were the regional winners of the ATKV Tienertoneel in Potchefstroom in 2016 and were in the top 16 country wide, earning them the opportunity to perform at Aardklop Art’s Festival. It was also in 2016 that she was named the Culture Girl of the Year and Best Overall Actor of the Year of Helpmekaar Kollege.

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