sonique smith

From a very young age, Sonique displayed a highly mature, confident and independent nature. Music, dance and acting formed a natural part of her everyday interaction with friends. Sonique started with ballet at 5 years and soon found a keen interest in the violin.  She started acting at Paarl Playhouse soon after where she has stayed for the past two and half years. She is currently learning to play the electric guitar. Actors like Sorina - die Flooze and Charlize Theron are some of Soniques greatest inspirations. The actors Sorina - die Flooze and Charlize Theron are her main role models and aspires Sonique to continue on her quest to become a successful actress. Sonique has been cast in the show Selena in Paarl which showed 1st of November 2013. Sonique will be starting her own You Tube Channel soon. Focusing on general topics for girls. She has a hilarious sense of humour and a vibrant personality. She aims to grow within the acting environment and be successful in everything she takes on.

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