rainy pretorius

Rainy was born in 2007. She started playing drums when she was 4 years old. In 2016 Rainy won Mental Maths in her Grade and proceeded to win the District Mental Maths for girls. She won a Spellethon both in Afrikaans and English, obtained a certificate for the most versatile student, gold for art, Platinum from RACA for speech and drama, academic colours and academic honour colours. In the same year she auditioned for the Vaselinetjie film which one at Silwerskerm 2017 and received the role of Albie jnr through a video audition. This was when Rainy discovered her passion for The Arts. She is a drummer ,plays guitar and designs her own brand animated T-shirts under her label (ORT’S) Original Rainy T’s. Recently Rainy discovered her fondness for Rapping under the guidance of her drum coach at Marshall Music. Rainy is a gifted young lady currently a student at Cambridge in Pretoria with a Cambridge Tutor. Rainy is highly motivated, dedicated ,passionate and serious about her craft. Giving up is not an option . Although Rainy is self confident, she is extremely humble and a sweet sensitive girl. There are no limits with this one.

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