nina van der merwe

Nina is an extremely bright little girl and gifted with many other talents other than her drama ability. She competes in tumbling gymnastics, does action netball as a sport, and excels in anything that she sets her mind to do. She is especially gifted in remembering lengthy dialogues or scripts by just going through the material a few times. She loves making movies on the iPad and doing her own shows and plays. The most important part is performing these shows in front of everyone that is willing to be her audience. For only an eleven year old, she has excelled in drama and speech from a very young age by competing and winning lots of Eisteddfod awards over the years. Unlike most other kids she never battled with stage fright and has a confidence that most adults would envy. She loves the stage, performing and theater work, and lives for drama and acting. Two years ago, whilst she was still in her primary school, Unika Laerskool, she got one of the lead roles in their yearly school concert. She played Alice in Wonderland. Last year she performed in Shrek the Musical Jr. at the People’s theatre. She also played the lead role in her local drama school year end production as Red Riding Hood. This year she will be part of the DramaBuzz homeschool theatre production, “The King and I” that will be performed in August at the Roodepoort Theatre. Nina has a joyful personality and makes friends easily. She is popular in most circles. Her most beautiful quality is her humility, not thinking higher of herself as she ought to. She is warm and inclusive with a caring heart that always looks how she can give love to her family and friends. She is diligent with her school work and always performs to the best of her ability. She shows a great measure of responsibility in the consistent application of her daily school work, to such a degree that with the switch between schooling and homeschool she easily skipped a grade to provide more stimulation for her on an academic level. Playing in a movie or TV series is one of her dreams!

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