natalie kyriacou

Natalie is a vivacious young lady who loves to entertain her peers, family and friends with her love of drama, dance and acting. She always has the greatest smile on her face, ensuring that her life and general outlook is a happy, positive and energetic one. She has participated in many activities that promoted her passion of the arts. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old, first attending ballet lessons until the age of 8 when she decided to take modern dance classes. During this time, she participated in classical Greek dance lessons and took part in annual dance events showcasing the routines. She took part in modern dance shows and competitions, all of which has aided in the growth of her confidence. Natalie has been a public speaker for many years, doing Eistedford since the age of 8. She loves to engage in the art of public speaking and is confident to address a crowd in competitions or school events. She takes part in Debating and Drama classes at school, and has taken part in many school plays , doing both small and larger roles. She also participates in cheerleading and showcases the routines at school sport events. She enjoys being part of a team and shows great team spirit. Natalie has great leadership skills, and is never afraid of taking the reigns and leading her peers and fellow students. She was awarded for Leadership at her graduation in Grade 7. Her love of acting, and passion to pursue a career in this field is evident in her eager determination to succeed.


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