layla schmidt

Layla is lively girl driven by a dependence on social interaction and connections to fellow human beings. She is naturally interested in drama, art forms and has a vivid imagination with a dramatic flair even when it comes to every day kind of things (much to her mother’s dismay!) Layla has a vibrant, vivacious personality and makes friends very easily and her kind heartedness makes her a very popular choice for a friend. She has an active mind with tendencies to place communication in most cases (again the mother is an exhausted listener) before anything else. Her life is content when others around her are content and she can play a part in creating their happiness. She does drama at school and private drama classes at the Meul Theatre in Paarl. She has completed her 3rd year as a ballerina. She also takes flute lessons at school and is a member of the primary school choir and has taken part in various Eisteddfod events and school concerts. Although many of these art forms are pleasurable for her, she is keen on exploring the world of acting and film to develop her strengths and build a future in the artsenvironment.


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