jacolien krugel

Jacolien started dancing when she was 7 years old. Soon after she started with piano and singing. She loves performing and achieved various awards over the past couple of years. Jacolien has done numerous musical performances. Her most recent work was in 2016, she was a part musicals such as Swing Swing Swing, in 2017 Cinderella and Calling me Home. She has also done screen work such as Loft House, Meerkat Maantuig and Harvestors. Her funny streak kept her characters even more entertaining but she can be serious when needed. Accents are her strong point and have improved immensely over the past two years. On social media platforms she is known to spread kindness and self-love. Jacolien is a people person and just loves working with new people. She is a determined young woman who works very hard.

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