hanneldi windell

Hanneldi started with extra mural drama lessons at the age of 10. She participated in several public speaking competitions. The highlight of her primary school career was when she, at the age of 14, was chosen as the main character in the annual school play. In high school she continued her passion for public speaking, she enjoys team activities a lot and her team for public speaking has won several national competitions in the past two years like Van Huyssteen Orators as well as Oppi tong af public speaking competition. In grade 10 she chose drama as one of her major subjects and is currently excelling in this subject. In 2018 she enrolled for Mandi Baards Talent Initiative course. This is where she realized that her biggest dream is indeed to become an actress Hanneldi has an outgoing and bubbly personality with an amazing positive outlook on life. She is a hardworking passionate person that will do what ever it takes to achieve her goals and dreams of becoming an actress.

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