hannah cohen

Hannah has always wanted to be on stage. Her earliest role was a sunflower at the age of 14 months in her nursery school concert. Since then she has played Amber in Hairspray at Crawford Prep, her People’s theatre performances include; Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Shrek which won a Naledi. Hannah plays the Lead in Pippi Longstocking at National Children’s Theatre and has also been cast in Mr Poppers Penguins. Hannah has completed her Grade 7 Trinity Speech and Drama exam. She achieved a merit with 76%. She was awarded the performing arts award of Grade 7 at Crawford Prep for the pupil who excels in drama, dance and music, she was also in the top 6 of all grade 7’s for public speaking, prepared and unprepared. In Grade 8 at Greenside High arts festival Hannah received the award for most promising dancer. In 2009 she received half provincial colours for gymnastics and came 4th at nationals, in 2012 she received SA national colours for Judo and was the SA Champion in her age and weight. Hannah is a very outgoing and bubbly person. She cares deeply about the environment and is an animal activist. She enjoys spending time with her best friends and any spare time is spent reading. Hannah has a passion for performing and hopes to one-day make a career of acting.

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