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Germi Pretorius known as Germi was born in 1998 in Brits. She grew up on a farm and went to pre-primary school in Brits. At the early age of 4, she joined a percussion band. They performed on various occasions, including the Pretoria State Theatre and Unisa. She also did drama and participated in art contests. When she was six years old, her parents moved to Pretoria North. When she was in grade one, she was the only grade one to be chosen for their School Idols. This is where she started singing. During her primary school years she attended various Eistedfodds and art contests, doing drama and singing including the South African Talent Championship, where she received several gold and silver medals. In 2012, she was chosen to form part of the group to attend AMTC in Orlando. Germi has also been a student at Vibrance Music Notes for the past six years, where she successfully passed the grade 4 Trinity Rockschool exams and grade 3 Trinity music theory exams. In 2012 she took part in various cultural activities at Pretoria North High school. By the end of the year, she received several awards, including junior Afrikaans public speaker, Junior culture learner, gr. 8 most versatile learner and overall culture learner for 2012. In March 2013 she attended an intensive course held by FAD Creations, where they had a very successful Broadway performance showcase in the Atterbury Theatre. Performing is what her world revolves around and is certainly her first and true love.

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