erin sibanda

Erin is a vibrant, energetic and outgoing child. She has an unbridled enthusiasm for acting. In April 2013 she joined the Helen ‘O Grady Drama Academy. She played the main role in both of the year end productions that the Academy held at the Roodepoort Theatre. At the end of 2014 she played the part of Princess Yasmin in Alladin. At the end of 2015 she played the part of Strong Woman in Superhero’s. Erin joined Stageworx School of Performing Arts in January 2016 to further pursue her passion for acting. She played the role of Jess in Easter Bunny Who? at Gold Reef City over the Easter period in March 2016. She is also currently taking Hip Hop lessons with Stageworx. Acting is in Erins blood and she hopes to make it her full time career one day.





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