dayna mcfarlane

Dayna started singing before she could speak and has always been known as the Drama queen. As a triple threat she sings, acts and dances.  Singing is just part of her make-up and she is well accomplished with 10 years of vocal training and 8 years of drama training. She has participated in 7 years of South African Championships of Performing Arts, 10 years of National Eisteddfod as well as participating in the International ARTS Showcase in Orlando in 2012 - placing in 2 categories. Dayna has participated in many school productions in prominent roles. She is a natural and realistic actress and has had the opportunity of acting in 2 Feature Films, Bloodline and Siembamba and 1 TV series, Hard Copy.  Dayna is a very forthright, bubbly and passionate person who loves performing in any discipline as well as being artistic and creative in fine arts.



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