danelle pretorius

Danelle has had a passion for avting and modelling from a very early age. Her dream is to be a professional model or actress. She was category winner in sections such as dramatized prose and monologue during performing arts at school from an early age. She is a Grade A student and after Grade 12, she wants to study further to become a Micro-Biologist. She played netball at primary and now at high school. She does not have any formal acting experience. She attended Rampage Modelling from April 2012 – October 2012. At the age of 11, her photo was selected, to be a feature in a Liberty Life advertisement for television. In 2012 she did a photo-shoot with Supermodels SA. This experience indicated that Danelle is very comfortable and at ease in front of the cameras. She can portray any character and emotion that might be required from her. Danelle is a very vibrant and vivacious person and is always up for a challenge.She is driven to accomplish the highest level that she is capable off. She is outgoing and loves interacting with people from all walks of life. Her positive attitude is very noticeable.

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