cherileigh van den berg

According to Wikipedia, the definition of creativity is: The ability of a person or group to make something new and useful or valuable, or the process of making something new and useful or valuable. A good question is, what does creativity mean to Cherileigh Van den Berg? Creativity is not just a skill, it is a lifestyle. It is a way of seeing the world. Cherileigh has a long list of creative interests, acting being the main one. Acting has never been a hobby for her; it has always been a lifestyle, a passion, a dream and her top priority. Small things, such as having an interesting conversation, become lyrics for a new song for her. She sees patterns and stories that are begging to be told by someone, in things like shapes of raindrops or the sound of a hinge groaning under the weight it carries. She enjoys playing songs on her guitar and writing. Writing songs and stories comes very naturally to her. She has other interests such as horse riding, scouts and reading. Cherileigh is a well-rounded, balanced, motivated and diligent individual. This could possibly be result of her being home schooled.

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