chane fischer

Chané Fischer developed a great passion and love for the arts at a young age. After she won the Dance World Cup in 2016 as a Solo Acrobat, she started pursuing her love for acting. Spending time in front of the camera on the set of “Kampterrein”, made her realise that she wanted to pursue a career in the film and entertainment industry, and she hasn’t looked back since. In the past two years she has acted in numerous short films, got herself a supporting lead role in the film “Naamlose Woord” – which was also created and written by Chané – while attending school where she was awarded the top Drama Student and appointed as a prefect for 2018. She has directed student films as well as co-directed the feature film “Naamlose Woord” alongside Morné Lane. Chané won the award for Best Student Actress and Best Scriptwriter for the short film “Bryan” at the 2018 Bright Light Gala evening. She played in her school’s musical productions, Footloose (2015), and Moulin Rouge (2016). She has traveled to continents such as North America and Europe numerous times to compete in international dance competitions. Chané is constantly pushing herself past her limits and she grabs every opportunity she gets to improve herself. She loves being active and enjoys activities such as hockey, swimming, scuba diving, jetskiing and horse riding. She is driven and handles every challenge with extreme enthusiasm.

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