carla pistorius

Carla Pistorius is an avid learner of arts and dance and has been performing from a very young age. She has started acting and drama classes from Primary School where she has performed in various productions including her school’s yearly performances in which she attained the lead roles. To maintain her craft she also participates in yearly Eisteddfods and takes drama classes after school. Other than acting, Carla enjoys dancing and has been practicing Ballet since the age of 6. She has recently passed the Advanced 1 exam with distinction and is currently preparing for her Advanced 2 exam in November. Her dancing career includes roles in the performances of Don Quixote and Paquita as well as dancing Eisteddfods. Carla has many other skills which will contribute to her performances. These include; playing piano at a Grade 2 level, love of fitness and sport, the ability to learn and perform various accents to a high standard and being fluent in both English and Afrikaans. Carla is a very determined and hardworking young lady with a lively and vibrant personality. She is keen to improve her skills in the arts and even more eager to gain some valuable opportunities and experiences in both acting and dance.

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