annelisa ndlovu

Annelisa started drama at Kings College and Preparatory School Bryanston, attended private lessons and qualified to participate in the school house plays in February 2017 with supporting roles. She performed arts in an Interschool Shakespeare Festival at Fringe Theatre in September 2018. She competed against 6 schools and was awarded the role of MR CAPULET. She received the best acting comment for the adjudicators by the name of Nicola Maboa, qualified graphic designer with a passion for all things creative, Hungani Ndlovu from Scandal and Cameron Scott, actor and producer, known for The Journey is the Destination. Annelisa has just passed her grade 9 semester drama exam receiving 72% and her practical monologue with 88%. Acting is one of her passions and she also enjoys playing all roles. Annelisa plans to go to university to study and achieve an acting degree. Annelisa is a very outgoing, bubbly person with a huge sense of humour. From the tender age of 3 acting has been a top priority in her life. Annelisa “LIVES TO ACT “, and is determined to make a career of acting.

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