amy ferreira

From as young as 2 years old Amy loved music and to dance. When a dance show or singing competition was on TV she used to clap and dance and try sing with all the competitors. It was only at the age of 7 when she was taken to her very first musical production (Starlight Express) that she decided she wanted to pursue a career in music, acting and drama. Amy joined Stageworx School of Performing Arts in October 2013. Her passion and love for the arts has grown every day under the guidance and motivation of her teachers at Stageworx. Amy sings and dances and acts wherever she can (including while in the bath). Amy is an extremely dedicated and quick learner with a drive to excel in all that she does She has achieved an 80% average since Grade 1 and has a 100% school attendance record. Amy also loves cross country, swimming, Netball and reading.

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