amber-lynne beukes

Amber-Lynne's key interests are Drama, Hockey and Netball. She thoroughly enjoys Revue participation, dancing and performing. Her short career consists of: An appearance in a Music Video for an Australian Band called Evermore with a song called “Hey Boys and Girls”. Featuring in a TV advert which was broadcasted overseas, promoting the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. A leading roll in a South African feature film called “Roepman” also known as “Stargazer”. A Voice over done on a educational DVD for teens. She is a go getter by nature with a sparkling outlook on life, taking challenges on with self confidence. Her ultimate goal is TV and Film but would like to gain a tertiary education as well. She strives to be a role model for others in her age group by being an example of a person always continuing to reach for a dream. Her slogan is nothing for nothing and hard work for something.

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