alissa de villiers

Alissa displayed a keen interest in the arts from a very young age, delighting family and friends with impromptu performances. She started ballet at the age of 4 but decided to pursue modern dancing. She started with piano lessons at the age 5 and that was when they realized that she's got extraordinary rhythm and talent. At age 7 she started with violin lessons and acting lessons. She took part in different arts festivals for performing arts and achieved highest distinction for all her performances. At age 8 she starred in a TV commercial for Forever Resorts. Since the age of 6 she won the orators in her age group and at age 8 she was orator of the year in her province. She is friendly, very humble and has an outgoing personality. At age 9 she started with singing lessons and short after qualified for the National round for SATCH. Her true passion lies with acting and the performing arts and she would like to pursue a professional career in theatre, film and singing. Alissa is a vibrant, vivacious person and is always up for a challenge in which she can express herself. She desires to learn and grow in the world of stage and TV with a determination to perform well and always improve.

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