zaza pashaliev

It took eight years and 22 hours for Elinza Pretorius to scuttle through Istanbul on to a flight that would take her back to the country of her birth. This was back to RSA, having worked as an actress and improviser in Korea, Thailand and Canada it was time to go back to her roots. Having graduated with a B.A. Hons in Fine Art from the University of Pretoria in 2005, Elinza set off to Seoul, South Korea, where she taught English and became an ensemble member of the Seoul City Improv (SCI) troupe of improvisational comedy players. Staying with the ensemble for 5 years during which time she performed in Japan, Beijing and Taiwan. Performing in David Ives‚s „All in the Timing with Seoul Players, led to a role in the Independent horror feature, „Fear eats the Seoul, written and directed by NJ Calder. An extended trip to South-East Asia brought Elinza in contact with the Wayang Kulit or traditional shadow puppetry of Thailand as well as Batu dance with a Japanese ensemble and mime work. Cast in Chiang Mai Living Films‚ feature film „How about love „she was given the opportunity again to work with an International Belgian film cast and crew. Returning to Seou,l Elinza was offered a role on Korea‚s MBC Surprize, an ensemble TV series in English for a year, after which she was asked to tour two live shows in Canada for the CIFF (Canadian International Fringe Festivals) in 2011. Cast as the lead in the show Suicide(s) in Vegas as well as an Improv ensemble player in Shlong form Improv, Elinza toured Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, London, Saskatchewon, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver. After spending 4 months on tour, Elinza decided to remain in Vancouver for additional improv comedy and acting for film training. During this time she mentored under masterful Improvisors such as Kevin Patrick Robbins, Charna Halpern, Dave Morris, Michael Descoteaux, Jacob Bannigan, Lisa Merchant and Alistair Cook. Elinza was cast as Blanche Dubois in Pacific Theatres production of A Streetcar named Desire in „TWICE AND TWICE: A Tennessee Williams retrospective. She trained with Robin Nielson at the Actor‚s Foundry and was cast as an ensemble member of the Instant Theatre Improvisers. Completing her residency with the GVPTA (Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance), Elinza went to Edmonton to partake in the IMPROVAGANZA festival with Rapid Fire Theatre. Upon hearing her colloquial accent, Elinza was asked to audition for Wishbone Theatre‚s CIFF production of Jez Buttersworth‚s PARLOUR SONG. Beating streph throat and a limited window of time, Elinza was cast as Joy and performed with Fringe legends, Michael Peng and Dave Clark. Having grown accustomed to her cowboy boots, Elinza stayed only to become involved in DIE-NASTY, an improvised soap drama that in their 20th year invited a large international ensemble to partake in the 50 hour SOAP-A-THON titled SOAP OF THRONES. Invited to study in Toronto by Impatient Theatre, Elinza actively attended classes at ITC and at the Second City Training centre, where her face is still used on their billboards. Returning after all these adventures, Elinza hopes to continue improvising, acting and writing sketches with and for her fellow South- Africans.

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