pubashni kandasamy

Pubashni Kandasamy has always had a passion for acting and has gained several opportunities over the past three years to explore her natural ability for the art. Her first opportunity arrived, when she entered the Voice2Act School which facilitates coaching and workshops for voice and drama. This sparked her enthusiasm for acting and voice overs. She won a runner up prize in the showcase that the school held in 2012. This provided her with the confidence to continue learning and sharpening her craft for acting. Her particular preference is on screen acting. She has attended the ‘actingonscreen’ workshops facilitated by two of Talent-Etc’s showcase actors. This has further entrenched her love and confidence in the world of acting. Pubashni was selected by the ’Just You’ talent and model agency to perform a monologue for the International Talent showcase in 2013 which was judged by Kim Myers. As a chemical engineer by profession and a South African Indian female who can speak both English and Afrikaans, Pubashni can offer something unique to the acting industry in South Africa. She has VISION for her future in this industry and would like to take opportunities that include onscreen acting. Pubashni is looking forward to meeting, learning and networking with people who have already benefited from their acting career so that she can further enrich her experience and sharpen her skill.

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