venetia herbst

She is committed, inspired and determined to succeed. Venetia has a hunger for the art industry, and believes her greatest aspiration in life, is to give a voice to those who have never told their stories. Venetia believes that acting chose her at the age of 4, when her pre-school teacher signed her up for a local talent competition which she won. She never left the stage since then. During her school career, she continued to pursue acting, where she won numerous awards at Eisteddfods, as well as ATKV Tiener-Toneel competitions. In her spare time she took singing lessons and developed a deep love for Music. She continued to complete her Degree in BA Drama at the University of Pretoria. (2010). Venetia appeared in Napho Masheane's stage production where she played the role of Paddy in Hair and Comb (2011). She also made an appearance in Small Town Musical as Minky Pomp (2011). Other stage productions and musicals include A Night of Africa (2015) as well as The Stranger (2015) and Boek Buddies (2017). Although stage productions and musicals are her first love, Venetia also enjoys television and camera work. Experience includes FNB Corporate ads (2016). Venetia uses her spare time to write and direct plays. She staged a production De Melker (2011), which she wrote and directed. When she is not acting she is an impassioned drama teacher, who trained children casted in Long walk to Freedom, and Chappies. She also enjoys stage designing, which can be seen in Knot (2015). Venetia aims to make a mark in the South-African art industry and is determined to soar with her God-given talents.

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