stellie grobler

Stellie, with her infectious personality and independent morals went to Los Angeles in 2013 and worked as what she calls a 'modern millennium slave' in order to study acting at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, California. This humbling experience gave this small town girl hope that her dreams were possible and that one day she would inspire others. She finished the ‘Acting for Film’ program at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and also completed a Soap Intensive Course with Mark Techner at Talent Ventures in California. Whilst in LA, she received intensive training from Devon Aoki (best known as ‘Suki’ in 2Fast2Furios). She had the opportunity to shoot a couple of short films on the Universal Studios Lot in Hollywood with versatile roles from a 'Grim Reaper' to a 'Whale Protestor'. She was also seen on the television show, Kêrels wat Kook in 2012 where she then got chosen for a Kyk-Net Production advert. One would describe Stellie as being energetic, free-spirited, strong willed and passionate about her life and the people in it. Stellie can be portrayed as an adventure junkie as she seeks thrill in motocross and horse-riding. Once she got signed in Los Angeles, she made the courageous decision to come back to South Africa where her heart is. She decided that her knowledge gained in Hollywood would contribute to a brighter future in South Africa.

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