smangele phewa

Smangele grew up in KZN music and performing was part of her childhood. She fell inlove with acting at the age of 7 when she did her first performance in church doing the story of Jesus, From then on Smangele just knew that acting was her first love and that story telling was her calling. She went to Creative Art Collage in Durban, where she obtained her diploma. Smangele then came to Joburg to persue a career. She worked in a musical show Umoja for two years when she first arrived and she has done a movie and a few theatre productions. Smangele loves working with children, she has worked for a company called HDI which focuses on children in schools and hospitals. She loves telling stories that change people’s lifes and inspires them. Smangele was also a part of DNA workshop classes in 2015, that are conducted by Duma ka Ndlovu in Jorburg theatre.

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